Magical Underwater Adventure: Planning the Perfect Little Mermaid Party in Singapore

Little Mermaid in front of top venues for little mermaid party in singapore

The Little Mermaid has been making a splash in the lives of adults and children for years, but with the latest tail (no pun intended!) back on the big screen, people have been never more enchanted! It has vibrant characters, a mesmerizing underwater world, and a timeless message of love and bravery. What’s not to love? Or, on Venuerific, we ask: what’s not to celebrate? In this blog post, we will explore how you can plan your own Little Mermaid party in Singapore. From venue options to vendors, we have the ultimate Little Mermaid party in Singapore guide for you.

Part Of Your World: Little Mermaid Party in Singapore Venues

Researching and selecting an ideal venue is essential to any party. In a Little Mermaid party in Singapore, this means finding a venue that can recreate the mystical ambiance of the underwater kingdom. Venuerific has a list of resorts, private pools, and other unique function spaces that you can transform into a paradise!

Here are our top recommendations:

1. Grand Park City Hall Singapore

outdoor rooftop area with chairs and a rooftop pool
Images from Grand Park City Hall Singapore

Nestled within an enchanting ambiance inspired by nature, the Rooftop Sky Garden is our top pick for your Little Mermaid party in Singapore. With a beautiful pool and wild views, it seamlessly blends modernity with flourishing greens. This exquisite venue also has its own catering services that has in-theme dishes like:

  • Mediterranean Octopus
  • Chilli Crab Pocket
  • Duck Crepes; 
  • And much, much more!

Check out the Grand Park City Hall Singapore for your mermaid themed birthday party in Singapore!

2. Stal

pool overlooking the city and an outdoor gym area next to the pool
Images from Stal

At Stal, imagination meets functionality. This venue offers a unique combination of an indoor private metal art event space, exclusive rooftop access to a pool, and its own outdoor BBQ area. Perfect for hosting hyperactive kids’ parties! Contact Stal through Venuerific to learn more about hosting your mermaid-themed birthday venue. This is surely one for the books—Hans Christian Andersen may agree!

3. Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

table set in japanese pavillion next to outdoor pool area
Images from Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore

Want to go all in on princess party planning? Pan Pacific Singapore is a perfect spot! From grand pillarless ballrooms to daylight-filled spaces and unique locations like the Japanese Garden Pavilion, this venue is fit for a princess. Capture breathtaking views of Marina Bay—an enchanting backdrop for your Little Mermaid party in Singapore. Book your party at the Pan Pacific Hotel today.

4. The Atelier & Co

White chairs in floral event space design with "The Floral Atelier" flower room
Images from The Atelier & Co

If you’re more interested in the on-land royalty than Atlantic flair, then The Atelier & Co is a great spot for your party. With a magnificent floral cellar, there is simply nothing like this event space in Singapore. Prepare to be captivated by their remarkable open-concept headquarters. It is also adorned with lavish displays of lush and exotic florals, setting the stage for an extraordinary event. Enquire at The Atelier & Co, bookable on Venuerific today!

5. Yacht Kingdom

View of ocean from yacht deck and indoor yacht
Images Yacht Kingdom

This one is easy: of course you’d want to have a Little Mermaid party in Singapore on a yacht! Pick your intimate group of 5 and set sail on the Yacht Kingdom. Step aboard their impressive 56-footer Catamaran, and find yourself luxuriating in their air-conditioned saloon. (For the adults, yes this comes with a bar counter!) Sunbathe in serenity at the Yacht Kingdom! Embark on an unforgettable adventure and create cherished memories on board.

6. Sky Garden Sentosa

people eating in outdoor balcony next to woman setting up the balcony
Images from Sky Garden Sentosa

Transport yourself to a magical realm at the enchanting Sky Garden Sentosa. This venue features a captivating rooftop al fresco garden area, with a scenic view of the sea. A mesmerizing space for your mermaid party, attendees can immerse themselves in its romantic, fairytale-like atmosphere. The photos speak for themselves; book the Sky Garden Sentosa now.