How to Plan a Crypto Event in Singapore in 8 Steps!

Planning a crypto event in Singapore is becoming more common than you think. The crypto community only continues to grow every year, and they are keen to collaborate with each other. 

Still, there are a few differences between staging a crypto event and other kinds of events—location, for example, can definitely be online. Should it?

Team Venuerific has the highlights you need! Learn how to plan your next crypto event in Singapore in only 8 steps. 😉

1. Recognize your crypto niche!

Bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies
Image from Kanchanara on Unsplash

The world of crypto has a lot of sides, so before anything else, decide on who you want to cater to! There is an audience for NFTs, for Play-to-Earn games, for blockchain, and for so many more.

By doing this, you’re making sure your event is clear to your attendees. If your message and purpose is crystal clear, then you are all set to keep planning your crypto event in Singapore.

2. Decide on capacity and look for a venue!

Crypto style rendering of a city with a moon behind it
Image from KanawatTH

Now that you know the audience you want to cater to…how much of this audience do you want to attend your event? By deciding on event capacity, you can then decide on your event space!

Crypto event plans can be executed in both physical and online conferences. If you plan for online, you will save on physical event expenses. 

However, nothing beats a physical event. It is an escape, a special look into the world of crypto you want to introduce! What’s great about this community is that you can go big OR small.

Looking for an event space?

Whatever you decide on, Venuerific has a space for your crypto event in Singapore. For large conferences, consider Changi Cove Singapore, set in the lush greenery of Cranwell Rd.

Chairs gathered around in a conference room

It can hold up to 400 attendees and several meeting rooms if needed. Changi Cove Singapore also has state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment needed for a crypto event. 

For food, Changi Cove has a wide range of options, from coffee and finger-food to full course meals. 

Planning a smaller, more intimate crypto event in Singapore? Maybe just a networking party? Check out Lifelong Learning Institute’s “The Great Outdoors” space. 

Outdoor patio with chairs and a table

Able to hold up to 40 people, this can be a great space for an elegant cocktail crypto party.

3. Finalize your budget!

Image from Fabian Bank

Before you proceed with the nitty gritty of planning your crypto event, decide on how much money you are willing to spend on it! Remember to consider (1) where the event will be held and (2) the amount of people you are expecting to come. 

At this point, try not to put all your eggs in one basket! There are parts of an event you should never skimp out on, such as venue and software. For the decorations, if you are low on budget, you can definitely find cheaper alternatives for your crypto event.

4. Find Sponsors, Speakers, and Media!

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