Get Her Say Yes At The Best Proposal Venues in Singapore

best proposal venues in singapore

If you’re reading this, you’re probably made up your mind about proposing to your partner. Congratulations, your life is going to change for the better! Popping the big question can be nerve wracking, especially when it comes to when and where you should do it. That’s why we’re here to help you find the right place for that. These venues are perfect for a surprise proposal in Singapore, especially if you want to include the friends and family who have always supported both of you. 

1. The Secret Patio

Do you want to make her feel like a princess getting proposed to by her prince? Then The Secret Patio is where you should go. The high ceiling and windows here are statement pieces that make you feel like you’re inside an elegant white castle. A little bit of flower arrangements will transform this venue into an ethereal place, perfect for making her feel special. You can decorate the space with your partner’s favourite flowers to add a personal touch! Check out The Secret Patio!

Address: 11 Cove Drive, #01-01, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497
Capacity: up to 20

2. Yacht Zen Sea 1

If you want a stunning view of the sea as the backdrop of your special moment, try proposing at a yacht. Take your partner on a yacht trip to wind down and take a break from your busy life. As the sun goes down, the mood is set to be more romantic, take your partner to the deck and that is when you ask for their hand. This Yacht is perfect for inviting some friends to make it lively, or for only the two of you. It’s your choice! Discover more about Yacht Zen Sea 1!

Address: 10A Duxton Hill, Singapore 089594
Capacity: up to 85

3. Pasta Brava

What could be better than saying “yes” under the bright sunny sky? Pasta Brava is a prominent Italian restaurant in Singapore, not only because of its wonderful menu, but also because of how nice the restaurant is. You can rent out the entire rooftop to create a surprise proposal party by inviting your friends and family. Their semi-outdoor space is also a perfect place to ask the question without worrying about the weather ruining it! Discover more about Pasta Brava!

Address: 33 Erskine Rd, 01-13 Scarlet Hotel, Singapore 069333
Capacity: up to 50

4. Vineyard Bistro

Vineyard Bistro is a charming French-Italian restaurant with both a stunning indoor and outdoor dining area. The outdoor venue is especially perfect for a big fan of nature, since you’re gonna be surrounded by lush greenery. Meanwhile, the water in the pond is going to reflect the beautiful moment when you become engaged. Discover more about Vineyard Bistro!

Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, #02-02 Hort Park, Singapore 119578
Capacity: up to 80

5. TINKR Studio

It is without a doubt that everyone wants their special moment to be captured beautifully and never be forgotten. Well, we got the perfect place for you. TINKR studio is a versatile event space with vintage style combined with industrial interior. You can host a surprise proposal party and get your picture professionally taken by the expert. Check out TINKR Studio now!

Address: 3 Kim Chuan Ln, Singapore 537069
Capacity: up to 20

6. The Atelier & Co

If proposing to your partner at the Keukenhof, Netherlands sounds impossible right now, The Atelier & Co got you. Here, you can choose between the elegant indoor or fun outdoor space. The indoor space is surrounded by breathtaking flower arrangements, truly an eye pleasing venue for a heart pleasing moment! You can also rent the rooftop space for a wholesome picnic style proposal! Discover more about The Atelier & Co!

Address: 2 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159919
Capacity: up to 150

There is no wrong way to ask your partner to marry you, but there’s always a way to make the proposal run smoothly. One of them is asking for it at the right place. Make sure you know what your partner’s preference is when it comes to intimate moments like proposal and marriage. If you got that figured out, we’re sure you’re gonna nail it!

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