A Guide to Getting Your Birthday Party Fully Sponsored!

Local lifestyle blogger Sara Shantelle Lim has been making waves on the Internet with her SGD$40,000 Candylicious Neon Birthday Bash at the newest Club Altimate by 1-Altitude. What’s more, the entire party is in fact fully sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Highlights of the party

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$40,000?! Say what?! Does this fully sponsored birthday bash sounds too good to be true? Believe it or not, you can make this happen too! Here are some tips courtesy of Sara and the team at Venuerific.

1) Build up a strong personal branding/image

Behind every successful brand is a distinguishable identity. Similarly, create your very own unique identity. Think about who you really are, how you want to portray yourself to others, what do you stand for, etc. Most importantly, stay true to yourself and don’t force yourself to be someone you are not.

2) Have a wide social network from all walks of life.

No matter where you are, it always helps to have a wide social network. CEOs, lawyers, doctors, teachers, security guards, students, etc. You name it! You never know what you can learn from each other and there’s no harm in making new friends. Attend social networking events, be more attentive to the people around you in your life, mingle around and start making new friends now!

3) Have supportive family and friends.

It goes without saying that your family and friends are always going to be the ones who have your back. Make sure that they know what your plans are and go full steam ahead with their blessings. If you’re lucky, you might earn even more sponsorships through them.

4) Plan early.

Sara took around 3 months to plan her birthday bash. A mega birthday bash or any event will require time to plan for and fine-tune the details. It will definitely help if you have a proper timeline to follow and prevent any last minute work (if possible). Don’t forget about the details no matter how small they might seem.

5) Do up a good/strong proposal that will appeal to sponsors.

You will most definitely not be the only one sending in requests for sponsorships. Do up a good/strong proposal that stands out from the rest and is still in line with your personal branding/image. Be as creative as you can. As with any good proposal, you will take much effort and time do up a kick-ass one. Such a proposal is the first step to getting the attention of potential sponsors.

6) Track down possible leads of sponsors but only those you can relate to and vice versa in line with your personal branding/image.sponsered-birthday-party-venuerific-blog-track-down-possible-sponsor

While you might be offered sponsorships, keep in mind that it should be in line with your personal branding. You must be able to relate to the sponsors and vice versa. If not, while you may benefit in the short run, both parties will not stand to gain in the long run.

7) Sponsors want to be known to the public. Publicize about your event as much as you can through your personal and social media networks.sponsered-birthday-party-venuerific-blog-publicise-your-event

Let us be frank. In return for their sponsorships, sponsors want to be made known to the public and expand their customer base. Prove that you have got what it takes to spread the word or even better, create hype and make things go viral. This will help especially if you’re a social media network junkie. Think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, your personal blog, etc. Post updates before, during and after the event as much as you can. Of course, make sure you have a respectable number of followers too!

8) Be professional.

This is a no-brainer and goes without saying in any industry. Be polite, be sincere, say your ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

9) Be open to possible rejection.

You are bound to face rejections (and multiple ones at that). It happens. Do not be afraid of facing rejections, pick yourself up and don’t stop trying.

10) Just go ahead and do it!

Really, we mean it. You have got nothing to lose anyway! For all you know, you just might get a fully sponsored birthday party as well.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Well, we can actually make things a little easier for you. You don’t have to scramble around looking for venues in Singapore for one. Just log on to www.venuerific.com and find your perfect venue (don’t forget the tips we’ve provided and contact the respective venue owners directly to request for sponsorships). If you’re also wondering, we can offer you and your guests luxury rides (powered by Über) to your booked venue for free! Hurry and get down to work to planning your very own fully sponsored mega birthday bash already!

P.S. Don’t forget to send us an invitation! 😉

The Venuerific team

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