From Paris to Singapore: 7 Similar Hidden Gems You Need to Discover

The Eiffel Tower, the Catacombs, the Louvre, the Pantheon, the Palace of Versailles…you may know the big touristic places in Paris but have you already heard of its hidden gems? Paris is full of it!

We bring you from Paris to Singapore, the 7 Similar Hidden Gems you will love to discover both in Paris and Singapore.

Moonshiner  VS The Library 

The secretive bar in Paris, called Moonshiner will surprise you. At the first look, it may look just like a simple Italian restaurant but if you make your way through the kitchen past all the chefs busily cooking (yes, this is true!), past the metal door of the walk-in fridge, you’ll discover a totally different space where you will enjoy the best cocktails in Paris for an affordable price!

The Library is just like it except you need to know the password (hint: check out their Facebook page)! You can walk past all the cafe staff and customers at “The Study” and there will be another door (that doesn’t look like a door) and once you say the magic word, you’re in! (Discover More)





Le Chalet des Iles  VS The Dunearn

Okay, imagine this. Le Chalet des Iles is tucked in the Bois de Boulogne next to Paris, so you’re taken across a lake by a small boat to reach the island where you will have a unique and out-of-time experience. You can enjoy great food in a beautiful atmosphere and finish your day with a romantic boat ride on the lake (perfect for dates)!

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Dunearn is a charming and relaxing restaurant, looking over the lush tropical setting of Botanic Gardens. With a vibe that will promise a unique and romantic experience, an occasion here will definitely be an experience to be remembered. (Discover More)




La Recyclerie  VS Tin Hill Social

La Recyclerie is actually an old train station converted to an alternative bar restaurant, where every piece of its utensils and tables is unique because they are all recycled! At night it has a nice atmosphere whether you decide to have your drink inside or outside near the train rails. You could say, the word Hipster was made to describe this kind of space!

Discover MoreIn Singapore, Tin Hill Social resembles La Recyclerie, which is fast becoming a hotspot for social gathering in Singapore! With indoor and outdoor areas in lush and cosy setting, you can enjoy a screening of sports match, after-work drinks or a weekend chill-out over free-flow Rosé (at $25/person) with their so-famous Wagyu Brisket burgers (smoked over 12 hours)! (Discover More)




L’anticafé  VS Club Meatballs & Club House

On Paris side, L’anticafé is one the best places to work in the capital. By only paying small entrance fee, you’ll enjoy being in a place that is spacious, optimize, and with comfortable lighting accompanied by peace and quiet with of course, food and drinks buffet!

Make your way to the back of Club Meatballs restaurant to discover Club House, a dynamic and innovative co-working space and café. Everything is done to make you feel comfortable and enjoy a new way of working! (Discover More)



Le Perchoir  VS Potato Head Folk

Ladies and gents, if you are going to Le Perchoir for the first time, it’s highly likely you won’t even notice the entrance. You walk through a courtyard to a lift that will take you up to the rooftop bar on 7th floor. Up there you’ll find comfy couches and some of the best views of the capital.

Well located on Keong Saik Road, Potato Head Folk in Singapore may already be widely known, but have you heard of their alfresco rooftop bar with a warm tropical setting? Potato Head itself houses designs and paintings that will immerse yourself in a dreamlike quirky atmosphere! Finally, make your way to the top of the building to enjoy a gorgeous night view. (Discover More)




Le Comptoir Général VS Jubilee Coffeehouse and Bar

Le Comptoire Général… By entering this place, be prepared for a trip back in time! As every hidden places are, the place is quite hard to find but once you get inside, you won’t even realize you’re still in Paris! The decor is full of vintage and quirky items and the atmosphere really is fantastic!

With a 60’s ambience with vintage coffee shop chairs and radio music, go back in time with Jubilee café in Singapore. The owners are proud of the antiques and artifacts they have displayed around the house and one should take the time to explore. (Discover More)



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