F.R.I.E.N.D.S Special: The One Where They Travel to Singapore

โ€œSo no one told you life was gonna be this wayyy~” How apt during this pandemic ๐Ÿ˜‚ย  Itโ€™s always been hard to get this show tune out of our heads! And we were reminded of it once again when F.R.I.E.N.D.S got back together for the reunion episode on HBO Max! As many of us fondly remember the characters and their storylines, this show has definitely cemented itself in our hearts. Our team couldnโ€™t help but wonder … what would the Friends characters do if they weren’t in NYC? Where would they visit and eat if they were here, in Singapore? We had a great time brainstorming so read on to see which Friends character you might be – depending on the activities you too might do!ย Rachel and Phoebe jumping and clapping

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So are you … ?

1. Rachel

Rachel Greene Friends Character

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Letโ€™s start with our favourite girl, shall we? Rachel Greene won the hearts of many. From her stylish hairstyles to fashionable OOTDs, many young girls and boys were obsessed with Rachel. She is best known for her career woman success in Ralph Lauren, her on-and-off romance with Ross Geller (were they on a break??) and her long friendship with childhood best friend Monica Geller. Over the series, she develops intricate relationships with the entire group and even gives birth to her and Rossโ€™s daughter, Emma Geller-Greene.ย 

Places she will Visit – Orchard Street

Orchard Town Singapore

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Rachel clearly has a passion for fashion. While she started off waitressing at The Central Perk, she really found her career enlightenment in working for Ralph Lauren. She was even offered a job at Louis Vuitton! With her expertise as a personal shopper at Bloomingdales and a womenโ€™s coordinator at Ralph Lauren, Rachel has always been the go-to for any fashion advice for the Friends. So itโ€™s really no surprise if we find Rachel scavenging the Town for some great designer deals!ย 

What will she do – Lots and lots of shoppingย 

Rachel Green Friends Character

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Shopping in a Boutique

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At Orchard, surrounded by Paragon, Ion, 111 Somerset and other incredible malls, it goes without saying – she will shop till she drops! Especially if she visits around June, the Great Singapore Sale period, she will be packing bags of goodies from our lively fashion district.ย 

What will she eat – Carbonara @ Pasta Brava

Carbonara at Pasta Brava

Carbonara at Pasta Brava, Photo credit to Eugephemisms

Rachel has always been conscious about her diet. And she knows her food well (apart from her Thanksgiving trifle ๐Ÿคข ). Hence itโ€™s likely she will be stopping at the healthier places in Town. Jennifer Anniston also loves carbonara! So if Rachel is looking for some creamy pasta, she should head to the lovely Italian alley of Pasta Brava. A fine dining restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine, Rachel will be floored by their carbonara! She could even pop by to the Keto serving Italian cafe next door, at Sofi Cafe & Pizza!

2. Monica Geller

Monica Geller Friends Character

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Monica Geller is a Friends character relatable to many. Sheโ€™s uptight, overzealous, obsessively compulsive but also kind, empathetic and a dear friend to her group. We have all either been a Monica or know a Monica – which is why we are always rooting for her. Due to her childhood obesity, she pursues (healthy) cooking and becomes the head chef of Allesandro’s. She is also in a serious relationship with Chandler Bing, whom she later marries.ย 

Places she will Visit – A food street like Tanjong Pagar/Haji LaneKorean Restaurant

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It’s likely that this foodie will go on a food hunting trail whenever she visits a new city. Since Singapore is an island for foodies, Monica will have no trouble finding her way around here.ย  From old hawker centres to classy rooftop restaurants, this country has it all! But when thinking specifically of food, two alleys quickly come to mind. Tanjong Pagar – the famed Ktown district and Haji Lane for its bars and Mediterranean/Arabian cuisines.ย 

What will she do – Go to an Arcade @ Major 99

Monica Geller Friends Character

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Major 99 bar with pool and darts

Monica is a very competitive person. As we have seen from her Pictionary fits to almost breaking Ross in the Geller cup, Monica loves a good game. So it’s likely she would want to go to the most exciting places in town. Major 99 is one compelling space that will help her unleash the competitor within. Monica could go all day on the arcade games and claw machines and battle it out with her friends in darts and pool!

Where will she eat – Fine Dining @ Sinfonia Ristorante

Fine Dining at Sinfonia Ristorante

Fine Dining

Salmon Salad Fennel Salad sprinkled with oriental sauce, photo credit to Sinfonia Ristorante

As a huge foodie and chef, Monica has developed an intricate taste for food. So for a night out, it’s likely she would pursue a fine dining, authentic experience. Sinfonia Ristorante with its majestic space and corinthian columns, coupled with rich Italian cuisine will leave the likes of Monica floored. In fact, Chandler could join her here for the couple to have a romantic date night out โค๏ธ .

3. Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay Friends Character

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Phoebe Buffay is the fun, quirky friend we wished we all had. If any of the friends were acting out of line, Phoebe would call them out at the drop of a hat. Both sweet-natured and eccentric, Phoebe can be very straightforward at times, shocking her group with her bluntness. She also has an unconventional musical talent – as seen from the world-renowned โ€œSmelly Catโ€, (reprised by Lady Gaga in the reunion episode!).ย 

Places she will visit – Zoo/ Night Safari/ Bird Park

Boy at a Zoo feeding deer

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Phoebe loves animals. She has advocated for animal rights and is also against animal suffering (no matter how good she looks in a fur coat ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Once, she even named the mice living with her as โ€œBobโ€ and โ€œSusieโ€. With this much love for animals, it’s likely Phoebe will want to visit our renowned Singapore Zoo during the day and say “Hi!” to all the animals there.ย 

What will she do – Go for an open mic @ Blu Jaz Cafe

Phoebe Buffay Friends Character

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Blu Jaz Open Mic night

With her routine performances at the Central Perk, Phoebe will likely hunt for an Open Mic gig here too! She can get her cravings satisfied by visiting the Blu Jaz Cafe. With their cosy warm lighting and good audio set-up, she will fit right into this exotic setting. We can almost hear the Smelly Cat medley playing down the Bali Lane at Bugis!

Where will she eat – Something Vegetarian @ SIRI House

Phoebe Buffay Friends Character

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Siri House Private Dining

Phoebe, with her animal rights, is also vegetarian. Apart from her sudden meat cravings during pregnancy, she has largely stuck to a plant-based diet. Fortunately for her, Singapore has many vegan and vegetarian options. From Salad Stop to fast-food places like Vegan Burg, Phoebe will have no shortage of dining options. She could even head to SIRI HOUSE (their interiors scream Phoebe!) that serves meatless options. SIRI HOUSE with its high-end restaurant and bar, will also serve as a great brunch spot for the ladies of Friends to gather and have a meal together!

4. Ross Gellerย 

Ross Geller Friends Character

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You know that awkward nerdy friend in every group, who surprisingly gets the girl? That’s Ross Geller. He has a PhD in Palaeontology, used to working at the New York Museum before becoming a professor at NYU. A serial romancer (even though heโ€™s not a womaniser), Ross has been in three serious relationships (which all sadly ended in divorce). His nickname is The Divorce Force or The Divorce-O ๐Ÿคญ . Despite his failed marriages, Ross ends up with his long-time crush, Rachel Greene and have a baby girl together, Emma.ย 

Places he will visit – National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore

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With Rossโ€™ interest in prehistoric history, he will definitely enjoy touring the National Museum of Singapore. As the nationโ€™s oldest museum, it tells the stories of Singapore and the World. It’s easy to imagine Ross visiting a new country and going to great lengths trying to uncover their history and cultural background. But if you canโ€™t find him here, you could probably locate him in the other close to 50 museums across the island.ย 

Things he will do – Visit a board game cafe @ King and The Pawn

Ross Geller Friends Character

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King and The Pawn board game cafe

If Ross isnโ€™t exploring history, he will probably engage in another mentally gruelling activity. Being the only Friend with a doctorate, Ross can boast about his intellect quite a bit. He also has a competitive streak, much like his sister, to always be right. Hence, the aggressive Pictionary games between the group. You can find Ross channelling all this energy at a good board game at King and The Pawn. With over 300 board games in this cafe, Ross could be here all day battling it out with strangers. Monica could join him here too, and together, they would be an unbeatable team.

Where will he eat – A good sandwich shop

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The episode with Rossโ€™ sandwich is an iconic one, as we see him lose his mind over his treasured sandwich. While the episode is more about Ross’s nerves over his second impending divorce, the final straw is the stolen sandwich. Thus, we can assume that Ross would really appreciate a good sandwich. While the most common food he consumes is coffee at Central Perk, a sandwich to go with it will just be about right for Ross!

5. Chandler BingChandler Bing Friends Character

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Chandler is our favourite, sarcastic and dry humoured friend! We all need a Chandler Bing to slap us straight or be our partner in crime ๐Ÿ˜† . Chandler is comfortable with all the Friends, and is appreciated for his frank pep talks (despite being an internal mess). Most importantly, we can see ourselves in him as he struggles with his commitment issues and uses sarcasm to his defence. Despite that, he falls in love and settles down with Monica, adopting twins in the series finale.ย 

Places he will visit – Sightseeing at all the touristy spotsย 

Chandler Bing Friends Character

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Marina Bay Sands

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Chandler had a great time sightseeing in his own city, New York! So itโ€™s easy to picture him on a tour guide bus, absorbing the commentary and photographing the best spots of a new city. You can probably find him walking around Marina Bay, entering the Art Science Museum or waiting in line for the Singapore Flyer. He could also be parading around the Sentosa island.ย  Queuing inside Universal Studios or entering the S.E.A aquarium with a camera hanging from his neck!

Things he will do – Have a beer @ Hard Rock Cafe Singapore

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore Beer

Photo credit to Hard Rock Cafe Singapore

As touristy as he can get, Chandler will want to return to his roots and enjoy a good beer at the end of the day. Hard Rock Cafe Singapore seems like an obvious choice! Their All-American Classics menu will leave his cravings satisfied. He could also view a sports game playing on one of their big screens. After all, sports and beer are two of his favourite things. Perhaps Joey could join him here and both the boys could enjoy a game!

Where will he eat – A good dessert place @ Komma, PLQ Mall

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Chandler loves himself some good old New York Cheesecake. Well luckily for him, it wouldnโ€™t be too hard to find that here. He could drop in at almost any cafe, and get a slice of that rich goodness. If heโ€™s in the East, he could head to the Komma at PLQ Mall for their signature Burnt Cheesecakes. They will taste just like home!

6. Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani Friends Character

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How You Doinโ€™? This catchphrase was popularized by none other than Joey Tribbiani! This dashing member shares many common interests with the general audience – women, friends, New York Knicks and FOOD. While he canโ€™t cook like Monica, he can surely eat thrice her portion! This is most comically seen when Joey is challenged by Monica to eat the entire Thanksgiving Turkey! His possessiveness over his food and his simple-mindedness makes him an endearing character. He is close with all of the Friends but especially close with his roommate, Chandler.

Places he will visit – The best eateries in town

Joey Tribbiani Friends CharacterGif Credit to GIPHY

Burger Meal Singapore

Photo credit to Unsplash

As a foodie, Joey will probably be lining up for the best restaurants in town. He will probably be queuing for the classic Western eateries – Astons, Shake Shack, Five Guys, Fat Boys, you name it! With his limited travel here, he will try to visit them all and will probably be walking around with a sub in his hand in between restaurants!

Things he will do – Watch movies @ The Projector

The Projector Singapore

The Projector Singapore

Photo credit to the Projectorย 

Joey is an actor by career. While his acting career has been marked with both success and failure, he can appreciate a good film showing. He could visit The Projector, reclining comfortably in their seats with a big popcorn and coke at hand. When heโ€™s not watching the movies, he will probably be chatting up a girl or raiding the snacks at The Projectorโ€™s in-house bistro! Well, they do serve great food!

Where will he eat – A good pizza @t Sofi Cafe & Pizza

Joey Tribbiani Friends CharacterGif Credit to GIPHY

What does Joey love to eat? The answer will unanimously be Pizza! Heโ€™s seen eating that throughout the series, either alone or with Friends. Almost like comfort food, Joey can devour a box of pizza alone. Itโ€™s likely that while he is here, he will be craving some too. His sightseeing might land him in front of Sofi Cafe & Pizza, which is a pizza eatery like no other! With their rich burrata cheese and even healthy Keto options, Joey can inhale their pizzas without any guilt! With their authentic dishes, Joey Tribbiani will also be reminded of his Italian roots!

So, Which Friends Character Are You?

Which Friends Character Are You

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Have you figured it out? By the places you go to, things you and restaurants you eat at, which Friends character are you? Personally, I am Chandler because I love being a tourist in my own city and also unwinding with a good beer after hours! Hope you found this Friends character guide enjoyable and do check out these venues once dining-in resumes!

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