11 Colonial & Industrial Styled Event Places You Missed To Notice In Singapore

Sometimes you should not judge a book by its cover. These places might not even reveal a tad bit of the mystery it holds inside. Well that is why it is a mystery but Venuerific is going to take you inside “11 Colonial & Industrial Styled Event Places Missed To Notice In Singapore” might have just driven past these places or just shrugged it off your sight. These places were so much fun to discover, so DIG IN!


Colonial Styled Event Places:

1) Swiss Club

Unless you have a Swiss/Dutch/ German angmoh friend or a grandpa who was into rifle shooting in the 80’s, you would not possibly know about this club. It is one of Singapore’s oldest and most historic clubs which is located on its own road called “Swiss Club Road”.
They have beautiful lounges, terrace and pool side restaurants which are open for events!
Locate this hidden gem and plan your events away from the city!

Address: Singapore 288139
🕺🏼 120  |   🛋  80
Known to your friends:  4/10


2) Raintr33 Hotel Singapore

Former colonial military building that was once hoarded by military officers was abandoned for years. Look at the polished new transformation of the building which now serves as a tranquil getaway place. Haunted? Nah, don’t even believe those hoo haas because you are missing out on one-of-a-kind experience, buds. Perfect for any intimate celebrations.
Find out more about the different spaces available for events here!

Address: 33 Hendon Rd, Singapore
🕺🏼 120  |   🛋  75
Known to your friends:  3/10


3) Big Street

It might seem like just another shophouse. Take the chance and step inside for some good ol’ prata and 9 other Singapore’s top hawker styled local favorite dishes in an atas setting. Just take the stairs up and you will discover the mezzanine and second-storey which can accommodate a great birthday party. Good food and a good-looking event venue.
Find out on how you can customize the menu for events and more!

Address: 106 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208828
100   |   🛋  80
Known to your friends:  6/10


4) Villa Paradiso

You don’t have to go to Bali. Bali comes to you. Unless you jumped over walls in Botanical Gardens instead of strolling, you might have never come across this villa that will almost knock some air out of your lungs. Just look at it? Nothing much has to be said! A balinese private housing with luxurious facilities such as the pool has been unlocked for events.
Find out what this private villa has to offer for your celebrations!

Address: Singapore 288139
🕺🏼 75   |  🛋  50
Known to your friends:  2/10


5) Scotts 27

You might have missed out on this one as it is on a stretch of similar looking colonial houses at Scotts road. The capacious front yard and the huge colonial styled building could mislead you into believing this for a private residential estate or perhaps a gallery. With their new catering hand, a variety of authentic cuisines like Peranakan are available to fill your guests.
Find out more about Scotts 27 for your event!

Address: 27 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228222
🕺🏼 150  |   🛋  32
Known to your friends:  6/10


6) Scotts 35A

Actually, the forefathers in Singapore lived a classier lifestyle than all of us put together. Come on, look at this house! Built in the 19th century, can such elegant architecture be seen in our condo’s or HDB flats? High court judges used to live here but now even you can dine and wine here. Yup, all of these old charm goodness is open for your events too lor.
Find out more about what is inside this scotts house!

Address: 35A Scotts Rd, Singapore 228228
Capacity: 🕺🏼 120  |   🛋  70
Known to your friends:  6/10


7) Astonishing B&W Estate

This place is bigger than life – could literally be a film set location! It’s not everyday you come across such a black & white beauty. With a private swimming pool and a massive front yard, anything is possible here to let your imaginations roam free. Style it in a white tent on the yard for an intimate and private solemnization dinner under the fairy lights, or host your company year-end party (fancy Great Gatsby style with slippers and robes) in this black & white setting.
Find out all about this one-of-a-kind space!

Address: Novena (Mount pleasant) Singapore
Capacity: 🕺🏼 100  |   🛋  50
Known to your friends:  3/10



Industrial Styled Event Places:

8) The Loft Primax

Within an industrial building, the chance of you finding this place is rather slim unless you fumbled across it while getting lost looking for good Instagram-worthy locations. This loft is never dull for even a moment as it has been well stocked with entertainment facilities from arcade machines to you name it, they have it! Best for 21st birthday bash for a hip friend.
Find out how entertaining this place could get and more!

Address: 22 New Industrial Rd Singapore 536208
🕺🏼 100  |   🛋  50
Known to your friends:  2/10


9) Cloud9 Events

A raw interior gives this space a dash of unique industrial vibe. Cemented floor keeps your feet cold and jumpy to strike the next prank at your friend. A pool clash, table tennis match, poker trash, beer pong smash all in a birthday bash. All of these are easily movable so you can shove them all to the side and open a massive dance floor as well. For all you youngsters and yuppies out there, take your party here.
Find out why you will be in Cloud9 here and more!

Address: 201 Henderson Road APEX @ Henderson #07-23/24
Capacity: 🕺🏼 80  |   🛋  30
Known to your friends:  4/10



10) Flame and Spark Event Spaces

Who would have known about a place if its hidden within an office building along a highway road! Flame is a capacious space that could easily hold a great Gatsby themed party. As you walk further into the cafe, you will be greeted by this black room that has got a dark and mysterious style. Those cubic metal cages hanging above are quite a conversation starter.
Find out more about these spaces and their steamboat!

Address: 22 New Industrial Rd Singapore 536208
🕺🏼 100  |   🛋  50
Known to your friends:  4/10


11) Stunning Award-Winning Heritage House

Do not judge by it’s worn out exterior. You might just walk past it thinking it is just an ordinary heritage house that has been preserved or perhaps is a traditional medicine shop like its neighbors. What lies beyond these doors are truly a work of art. Urban lifestyle has been best explained in various elements such as the hanging staircase and an indoor pool.
Find out how many heritage houses these owners have in that street!

Address: 9 Lor 24A Geylang, Singapore 398533
🕺🏼 50  |   🛋  40
Known to your friends:  1/10


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