9 Best Cozy Places for Christmas Party with Friends and Family in Singapore

Best Cozy Places for Christmas Party in Singapore 2018

Christmas is here! As soon as October 31st passes, it’s no secret Christmas decorations start popping up everywhere. The festive season is approaching just around the corner and it’s time we all get ready for the jolly season with gift ideas and gathering plans! Whether you are on a budget or are in a mood to spend a little extra on creating the perfect warm and welcoming atmosphere with your friends and families, here is a list of Perfect Cozy Places for a Christmas Party with Friends and Family in Singapore. Happy planning ; ) With lots of party invitations coming in, you might be wondering what holiday-inspired outfits you want to wear and whether it’s appropriate to the dress code. Fret not! This Complete Guide to Dress Codes for Events in Singapore should come in handy.

1. HIPSTERCITY CAFE: For the true hipsters

Picture of Hipster style cafe lounge space with bean bags and pink curtains

This cafe is haven for true hipsters. It provides wooden rustic environment complemented by bean bags, intimate kitchen, and Instagram-worthy walls all around. Normally after your cup of coffee at a cafe, you might be encouraged by the staff to leave if there are people waiting to be seated but at Hipstercity Cafe, it’s your own cafe you can book and easily stay for several hours with comfort whether it’s for cramming for exam season, student filming projects, and of course, holiday parties in BOYD-style!

Find out more about rental rates at Hipstercity Cafe on Venuerific here.

Address:  9 Circular Rd, Singapore, 049365
Christmas Spirit Meter: 81% full ❤️


2. B28 HOUSE: For the whisky enthusiasts

Picture of B28 Event Space in Regular Setup
B28 Event Space with Private Couch Lounging Area
Picture of Whisky Collection at B28 Event Space in Singapore
Picture of Antique Doors Entrance at B28 Unique Event Space

B28 House is truly one-of-a-kind. When you see it from outside, you will imagine it is an ordinary shophouse but as soon as you enter, you will be surprised by not only the intricate design of this award winning heritage shophouse but also its unique collection of whisky. It’s about all things Whisky here, from whisky education, whisky tastings, whisky investment, and more! For lads and ladies who are into whisky, you will not be wanting to leave the place as it’s a perfect combination of private cozy location for yourselves and best of whisky from around the world. A little booze hurt nobody this holiday season, right? 😉

Find out more about rental rates at B28 House on Venuerific here.

Address: 61 Kim Yam Rd, Singapore, 239362
Christmas Spirit Meter: 89% full ❤️


3. AXE FACTOR: For the adventure enthusiasts

Picture of the event space Axe Factor
Picture of a guy and a girl throwing axes
Picture of one guy throwing two axes at The Axe Factor

Newly opened in Bukit Timah, AXE FACTOR is exactly what the name suggests! It is Singapore’s first indoor Axe Throwing Range. Get involved in the sport of axe throwing (think darts, but bigger) with your lads for some de-stressing. Afraid it won’t be safe? Fear not! Axe Factor has gone through months of preparations so that it is a safe environment for anyone to enjoy axe throwing. There are strict rules and regulations you must follow and adhere to. Wearing closed toe shoes is one of them but if you are truly concerned, you can reach out to them first to understand before you head there!

Find out more about group rates at Axe Factor on Venuerific here.

Address: 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore, 287994
Christmas Spirit Meter: 86% full ❤️


4. PANAMERICANA: For city escape hunters

Picture of Panamericana Restaurant in Singapore
Photo of Panamericana with the view of the beach

Panamericana is the ultimate casual bar and grill restaurant situated within luxurious Sentosa Golf Club that offers mesmerizing views of the South China Sea. From indoors with air conditioning to outdoor balcony, the capacious space (7,000 sq. ft) at Panamericana can accommodate up to 500 standing. It truly is perfect for big families and larger gatherings with friends.

Find out more about rental rates at Panamericana on Venuerific here.

Address: Sentosa Golf Club, 27 Bukit Manis Rd, 099892
Christmas Spirit Meter: 91%full❤️


5. THE HONEST PROJECT HANGOUT SPOT: For fun and good cause combined in one

The Honest Project with yellow wallpaper and two cafe chairs and flowers
Poker Table at The Honest Project Hangout Spot in Singapore
Karaoke and Netflix at The Honest Project Hangout Place in Singapore

Located in Kallang, The Honest Project Hangout Spot is a unique place with a mix of eye-popping colours and motivational quotes all around the walls. Not only is it Instagram-worthy, it’s got all sorts of entertainment from poker table, Netflix, kitchen, and more! The time will fly when you are jumping from one section to another. Also, how great is it that you can do all this while you’re contributing back to the society? 10% of proceeds from each event goes back to helping under-privileged children in the areas of healthcare, education, healthcare, and livelihood initiatives!

Find out more about rental rates at The Honest Project Hangout Spot on Venuerific here.

Address: 71 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389194
Christmas Spirit Meter: 95% full❤️


6. INTO THE WOODS: For the exact nature experience but INDOORS!

Wooden tables and transparent chairs with flowers at the event space Into the Woods
Different setup of the space at Into the Woods
PS4 shown on TV at Into the woods Singapore

Just 4 minutes walk from the Chinatown MRT station, Into the Woods is located on the 2nd floor of a heritage shophouse. When you enter, you will be pleasantly welcomed by the greeneries all around with a touch of rustic furnitures like wooden tables. Fairy lights and hanging plants provide flexibility to dress it up to however you would like it to be!

Find out more about rental rates at Into the Woods on Venuerific here.

Address: 214 South Bridge Rd, Singapore, 058763
Christmas Spirit Meter: 85% full ❤️


7. JONES THE GROCER: For the casual but classy groovin’

The Cheese and Fruits Platter at Jones the Grocer Singapore
Close up of the dining setup at Jones the Grocer
The wide angle of Jones the Grocer in Dempsey

Located in the heart of Dempsey Hill, Jones the Grocer is full of rustic vibes accompanied by high ceilings and the drive to Dempsey already prepares for you for a small escape from the ordinary routines. With Christmas decorations and greeneries inside and outside, it’s a perfect gathering place for anyone. Freshly prepared cheese platter, roasted turkey, and other Christmas mains are definitely amazing here and offer you a one-stop shopping for the location, food, decorations, and more!

Find out more about rental rates at Jones the Grocer on Venuerific here.

Address: 9 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 247697
Christmas Spirit Meter: 96% full❤️


8. THE PUMP ROOM: For laid-back and beer-lovin’ (not just any beer, but good beer)

Picture of Dinner Setup at Pump Room Restaurant and Bar
PIcture of its Very Own Microbrewed Beer Tap Machine at Pump Room

The Pump Room is located in the prime spot of Clarke Quay. Established since 2006, it is definitely the go-to bar and restaurant for a casual hangout with friends and family accompanied by great live music and flashing lights that call for a dance-off! Bars are great but when it houses its own microbrewery and has one of the best beers in Singapore, it certainly makes a difference. With reasonable prices and ready-on-demand beer tap machines, The Pump Room is a great choice for all types of gatherings!

Find out more about rental rates at The Pump Room on Venuerific here.

Address: 3B River Valley Rd, 01-09/10 The Foundry, Singapore 179021
Christmas Spirit Meter: 90% full❤️


9. 360 LOUNGE: For the chic and modern celebrate

Located on the 20th floor of Oxley Tower, 360 Lounge is in the heart of CBD and is a modern oasis! With chromatic lights, it certainly is impressive as soon as you enter the place. It almost feels futuristic as well with the whole blend of colours creating a unique experience indoors. With food and drinks, readily available on demand, it’s a great spot for a more modern take on the Christmas gatherings and parties this season.Find out more about rental rates at 360 Lounge on Venuerific here.

Address: Oxley Tower, 138 Robinson Road, #20-01, Singapore 068906
Christmas Spirit Meter: 97% full❤️


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