Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

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Hey couples! Have you thought about getting a cake for your upcoming wedding ceremony? No celebration starts without a cake.  Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations in your life so it’s worth splashing out on a  great wedding cake. You may ask what makes the perfect wedding cake? Today, we will be sharing tips about choosing the most ideal wedding cake. 

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1. Plan ahead

You’ll want a cake that’s compatible with the look of your venue, your wedding gown, the flower arrangements and the other elements. Your venue will have a huge impact on your cake selection, buttercream cakes as well as fondant would not withstand the heat during an outdoor wedding. Search online for some inspirations of how you would like your wedding cake to look like. Check our Zee & Elle’s instagram to see how they incorporate different elements into wedding cakes! This will allow the baker to know exactly what you are looking for. instagram collage

Credit: Zee & Elle Instagram

2. Number of Guests

Usually, a two-tier cake would be able to accommodate for 12-100 pax depending on the size of the tiers. A three-tier cake would accommodate around 85-150 pax. Many prefer to order tiered cakes for their wedding due to the aesthetics and height of it. However,  if you have a small wedding and you do not want to have leftovers, you can opt for a dummy layer. This way, you can heave both the aesthetics and the perfect size for your wedding! 

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3. Have a Budget

It is important that you discuss the budget at the beginning of the design stage with your baker to avoid any misunderstandings. This way, you would not have to feel pressured into ordering a cake that is beyond your budget. Tiers, sugar flowers, fondants all add significantly to the price. If you are trying to keep the cost low it is best to avoid or minimise these elements. You can consider adding foliage, fresh flowers or fruits as they are less expensive but equally beautiful. 

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4. Be Open to New Flavours

There are so many flavours to choose from these days. Why opt for vanilla, chocolate or strawberry when there’s matcha, banana chocolate chip nutella, earl grey lavender? Your cake should be beautiful and delicious at the same time. If you have multiple tiers, the different tiers can be of different flavours. Don’t choose flavours that you think everyone will like, choose flavours you like. This is your wedding and your cake! Check out Zee & Elle’s exotic cake flavours here

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There you have it, tips on choosing the perfect wedding venue and wedding cake! We hope you have learnt something new from this post! Do remember to check out Zee & Elle for their range of wedding cakes, they do customisation of cakes for any occasion. From birthdays to bachelor party and even your weekly gathering, Zee & Elle got you covered! 

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