Top Wedding Reception Needs in Singapore 2022

Man and woman with a wedding cake in front of them

A wedding reception in Singapore, just like all others, is not easy to plan. There are so many things to consider all at once and it can be overwhelming.

If you’re in the middle of planning your wedding reception party, two things: one, congrats on your impending marriage! And two: fear not, we have got you covered with this list of wedding reception requirements that will make your party extra memorable.

Take a look at our top 6 considerations in planning a wedding reception.

1. Choose your wedding theme!

First and foremost: what overall look and theme do you want for your wedding? As with any other celebration, your special day is not just about getting married—it’s where you’re getting married, what you should get married in, and who you’re inviting.

Three trendy yet stylish wedding themes in Singapore these days are Fairytale weddings, Garden weddings, and Minimalist Weddings.

MM Galleri general area with artworks

For a Fairytale wedding, consider MM Galleri. With its beautiful, unique interiors, almost all the decorating you need to do is done. We mean, who can forget its tasteful “Bent and Light” showroom? Explore your fairytale wedding options with MM Galleri!

Man and woman holding hands while people throw flower petals their way

If you want a different take on a garden wedding, take a look at Sky Garden Sentosa. An open-air rooftop space with lush greenery, this venue has a panoramic city view of Singapore. It is romantic and picturesque. Plan your garden wedding reception at Sky Garden Sentosa!

Man and woman holding each others' hands in front of ceremonial area

The third most popular theme is Minimalist, where there are little to no decorations. Located in Outram, Tanjong Pagar, The Secret Patio is a good choice for this theme. It has a lot of natural light and a spacious, modern floor area. Go for a minimalist wedding reception at The Secret Patio!

2. How many Wedding Guests?

Know your theme? Cool! Now, to choose the perfect location, you should decide on how many guests are attending your wedding. This is to make sure your wedding reception in Singapore is not too cramped—it is a post-COVID world!

Spacious minimalist area with large red wall

If you want a big wedding reception in Singapore, consider checking Social Affinity. This venue is spacious, minimalist, and can fit up to 250 people with no problem. 

Get your wedding party started with Social Affinity!

White chairs facing ceremony area

If you want a wedding reception that is still stylish but quainter, why not look into Cloud9 Events? This venue has a solemnization package for 5-70 people that includes venue decoration.

Start planning a charming wedding reception in Singapore with Cloud9 Events!

3. Food and Beverages!

Food is something people look forward to the most at parties, especially wedding receptions. After you decide on your theme and guests, start planning your menu!

You can have a buffet or plated offerings—do you want local food or international tastings? How about allergies your guests might have to food? Also, look into providing alternatives.

Wedding reception table with green and brown accents
Image from Jordan Arnold

Since you’re planning a wedding reception in Singapore, you’re in luck! This country is a melting pot of nationalities and cuisines. You can have Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese, or even Italian food at your wedding reception. (If you’re into Western food, there’s a lot of that too!)

Just remember to balance your food offerings when planning. The general rule of thumb is to have soup, salad, a carbohydrate (rice, pasta or bread), two viands (meat and meatless or two types of meat), and a dessert!

4. Find Photoshoot Spots 👀

In planning the perfect wedding reception in Singapore, you also need to make sure you have photoshoot spots. Guests love a good photo-op! 

Of course, this still depends on the general theme of your party. You can opt for a photo wall or an aesthetically pleasing venue. Most of the time, you will need help from professional photographers and videographers.

Computer with editing application on and a camera filming live

Did you know that Venuerific has its own online content production arm? Create the perfect memories at your wedding reception party and they’ve got the rest covered—especially if you need people online to see it ASAP. 

Visit our Content Production page to find out more!

5. What wedding cake are you having?

It is simply not a party without cake. Remember that every reception’s cherry on top is a layered cake. What flavour should it be? Completely your choice. What size? Your choice too! What is important is that you have one—not just for photos, but also for tasting!

Bride about to do her walk with a table with cupcakes on it

Wedding reception venues in Singapore do not always offer their own cakes—but Venuerific knows one that does. Check out custom cakes from Taira Pastry, a company that partners with  7th Heaven Cafe!

6. Special touch: a wedding toast drink

Lastly, in wedding receptions, it is in the smallest details. A wedding toast drink is important in all weddings, so why not have it in a location that will be the perfect romantic spot for it?

Spread of food and wine on outdoor table

A lifestyle, social and dining space, The SIRI House definitely has a special concoction for your toast. Even better: they have the backdrop for it. Choose between their Bar, restaurant, Art Space, “The Shop” and Backyard areas. 

Make your picture-perfect toast at The SIRI House!

Hopefully, this list helped you with your own wedding reception in Singapore checklist. There is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to wedding planning, but a little effort goes a long way for your special day. 😉

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