Celebrate your 21st Birthday With a Bang in Singapore!

You’re finally 21, and it’s a day that cannot be missed! You must celebrate here in Singapore with a bang and live your day out to the fullest, whether you want to go all out and be the star of the show or just enjoy something intimate with your closest friends- it’s a milestone and you made it! Read along to find out how you can celebrate your 21st birthday with a bang! 

For Customisable Unique Activities, Gaming and Leisure Sports

1. Hyperspace @ Lavender 

This is the perfect place to celebrate your 21st Birthday in Singapore, especially if you enjoy leisure sports and activities! Hyperspace @ Lavender is a huge (3000sq) venue with room for you to set up all kinds of fun activities- like laser tag! Sounds like a fun way to get into game mode with your friends. They also have plenty of activities built into the venue, such as board games, video games and arcade games! This is perfect for those who love to game or just want to do something a little different. 

4 people posting with lit up archery
open space with pool table and foosball

Photo Credits: Hyperspace @ Lavender

Birthday Activity: Leisure Games, Customised Party, Gaming
Address: 91A Lavender St, Singapore 338719
Capacity: 150
Amenities: Private Room, Bring your own Stuff, Gaming Consoles, Sound System, Projector

2. Motion Art Space

Calling creatives and non-creatives! If you enjoy art, whether it’s making art, looking at art and want to combine it with some science- go to Motion Art Space! Perfect for a simple, intimate 21st birthday celebration, where you can go crazy and create some super cool art using pendulum pots. It’s a popular destination amongst Singapore’s influencers, a hot spot! It’s great if you want to try something new and have a souvenir left from your birthday! 

person splattering paint on canvas
room with work stations and paint splatters

Photo Credits to Motion Art Space

Birthday Activity: Art and Science!
Address: 36A Arab St, Singapore 199735
Capacity: 12
Amenities: Sound System, Bring Your Own Stuff

3. Here.SG

Before we get into anymore details, Here.SG has a ball pit. For fully grown adults. That’s reason enough to choose them for your 21st Birthday celebrations! They also have a range of in-built activities for you to choose from, including a projector if you just want to chill and watch movies. There’s arcade games, console games, and you can request things like a photobooth, catering, and decor set up! Are you ready to party or what?

ball pit
arcade basketball game

Photo Credits to Here.SG

Birthday Activity: Gaming, Movie Nights, Customised Party Venue
Address: 576A Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218190
Capacity: 80
Amenities: Private Room, Bring your own Stuff, Games, Event Staff 

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