12 Useful Gifts for 12 Days of Christmas You Can Get in Singapore

12 days of christmas gifts ideas

Christmas is right around the corner! It is best to start thinking about what to give as a Christmas gifts for your family and friends. If you’re planning to give a unique yet useful gift, you’re in the right place! Inspired by the song, here are 12 useful Christmas gifts for each 12 days of Christmas you can get in Singapore.

A partridge in a pear tree: A box of pears

boxes of pears

Image credit to Jonathan Mast

During times like these, it is important to stay healthy. Pear is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. Make sure your friends and family are getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need to keep their immune system in top condition.

Two turtle doves: Dove door stopper

dove shaped door stopper

Image credit to Qualy Design

This dove-shaped door stopper is a cute, affordable, and useful household item. Everyone wouldn’t know they need a door stopper until they have one!

Three french hens: French onion soup

french onion soup

Image credit to Frassler Gourmet

Whether it’s home cooked or pre-made, French onion soup served with garlic bread is going to be a perfect addition to your Christmas feast!

Four calling birds: Bird notebooks

bird note books

Image credit to vougevista

Notebook is that one gift perfect for all ages. From children, college students, to adults, everybody needs to write down their thoughts and plans!

Five golden rings: Napkin ring for Christmas dinner

christmas dinner

Image credit to Tim Douglas

If this is not the time for you to give that kind of ring yet, a napkin ring is the answer. Spice up your Christmas dinner table with some festive decoration including a cute Christmas napkin ring!

Six geese a-laying: Egg cooker

egg cooker for christmas gifts

Image credit to Kaypu Goods

Whether you like it half boiled or fully cooked, cooking eggs won’t be a hassle with this electric egg cooker. Better than 6, you can cook up to 7 eggs at once!

Seven swans a-swimming: Swan shaped soup ladle

floating swan soup ladle

Image credit to Bored Panda

Look at those swans swimming in soup! Now that you’re going to eat French onion soup, this ladle is perfect for it. More than that, this ladle can even float! So you don’t need to worry about getting soup all over the handle.

Eight maids a-milking: Milk

milk and candy canes on christmas day

Image credit to Ylanite Koppens

Even though it sounds so simple, milk is an essential no matter what kind of milk it is! Whether it’s dairy-free milk or chocolate milk, it is a perfect match for many foods especially if you want to eat those Christmas cookies.

Nine ladies dancing: Bluetooth speaker

bluetooth speaker for christmas gifts

Image credit to Burst

Christmas celebrations won’t be complete without Christmas songs playing in the background. Get the ladies (and the men) dancing with this Bluetooth speaker!

Ten lords a-leaping: Skipping rope

skipping rope

Image credit to Pexels

This gift is definitely perfect for your family and friends whose new year’s resolution has something to do with “getting more healthy”. Whether or not they commit to it, at least you helped them by giving them a skipping rope!

Eleven pipers piping: Hot milk tea

milk tea and cookies

Image credit to Rumman Amin

Can’t decide which one is better between milk and tea for dipping your cookie? Give more options by giving them a pack of milk tea! Nothing is better than freshly baked cookies and warm milk tea for a Christmas breakfast.

Twelve drummers drumming: Chicken drumlets

fried chicken drumlets

Image credit to Shardar Tarikul

Chicken drumlets are probably going to be the least expected Christmas gift. However, this could be the best gift of all! You’ll make things easier because they won’t need to go to the grocery store to get some chicken for Christmas dinner.

There you have it – a useful yet unique set of christmas gifts for each 12 days of christmas you can get in Singapore. Now that you know what to give them, start planning on where to celebrate it! Check out 8 Best Private Party Venues in Singapore 2021/2022 for the perfect Christmas party venues!

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