World’s Strangest Beaches You Would Love to Visit

If you think beach are just mainstream over crowded tourist destination, then yes you are only half correct. Here are world’s strangest beaches, the most amazing and unusual beaches you can find and sure would love to visit!

 If you think beaches are just mainstream over crowded tourist destination, then yes you are only half correct. Here are world’s strangest beaches, the most amazing and unusual beaches you can find and sure would love to visit!

Hidden Beach in Marieta Islands, Mexico

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Image Credit: Miguel Naranjo

This huge hole actually an bombsite area created when Mexican government blasting it on 1900’s, but even with the dreadful past this beach still looks outstanding.

Vaadhoo Sea of Stars / Bioluminescent Beach, Maldives

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Image credit: Anjaly Jose
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Bioluminescent phytoplankton which glows when agitated can be found in many shores all over the world, but it seems they’re found more often in Maldives. It’s an ocean of stars! 

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

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Eroded particles from red corals across the eastern coast of the Bahamas have washed to shore to give the powdery sand of Harbor island a pinkish glow. If you’re a fan of pink, this beach is the way to go.

Papakolea (Green Sand Beach), Hawaii

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The green sand on this beach in Hawaii is caused by the mineral olivine, which is formed by lava as it cools in the sea.

Glass Beach, California

Image credit: digggs


The glass beach near Fort Bragg in California formed after the trash dumped there for years by local residents and was pounded into sand by the waves. The dumping was eventually prohibited, but the glass sand remains!

Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Image credit: D-P Photography
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Image credit: Ian Parker

Chunks of ice like huge crystals scattered across the jet black bay make this natural scene seem right out of a dream. The ice comes from a nearby glacier while black sand comes from volcanic rock.

Giants Causeway Beach, Ireland

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Image credit: Alamy

The giant’s causeway was formed 50-60 million years ago when basalt lava rose to the surface and cooled, cracking into strange large columns.

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

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MUST bring shovel to this beach! because the best thing to do here is to dig your very own DIY spa. This geothermal beach can get as hot as 64°C (147°F), its heated water spouting from two nearby underground springs.

Rabida Islands Red Sands Beach, Galapagos Islands

Image credit: Robert Peternel

The red sand at Rabida was formed due to the oxidization of iron-rich lava deposits, although it could also be due to washed-up coral sediments.

White Sands Hyams Beach, Australia

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Hyams Beach holds a Guinness Record for having the whitest sand in the world. It’s like snow in summer!

Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach, California

Image credit: Tom Grubbe | dfmead
Image Credit: Olmik

The purple tint of the sands of Pfeiffer Beach comes from its dominant mineral quartz combined with manganese garnet deposits found in the surrounding rocks.

Schoolhouse Beach, United States

Image credit: Robert Maihofer II

Instead of icky sand, it’s covered in smooth limestone rocks that were glacier-polished for thousands of years. Each small rock is a geologic treasure that anyone caught trying to take one home has to pay a steep fine

Shell Beach, Western Australia

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A 7 to 10 meter thick layer of cockle shells covers the entire shoreline of this fascinating beach. Due to the high salinity of the water, cockles proliferate abundantly in the absence of its natural predators, who cannot survive in such harsh environment. It is one of the only two beaches made entirely out of shells

Dead Sea, Jordan

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Dead sea is appropriately named because its high mineral content allows nothing to live in its waters. (Each year it shrinks by 1-1.5 meters)


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