Why You Should Host an Offsite Meeting in Singapore

Offsite meeting venues in singapore

Finding offsite meeting venues in Singapore can change repetitive and slow office days—which is the culprit to low productivity. As companies round out the numbers for Q3 and enter Q4, offices need as much creative juice and focus as possible.

Hosting in offsite meeting venues in Singapore is a sure way to liven up your working space and strengthen your office camaraderie. Know more about this and other reasons why you should use offsite meeting venues in Singapore this 2022 Q3 & Q4.

1. Refreshes Your Scenery

Eat At My Kitchen offsite meeting venues spaces in Singapore

A change of scenery never hurts anybody…especially your office day! Even though people are creatures of habit, sometimes this habit cultivates uninspired work. Can you blame people? Not really. A routine, closed off in the usual 4 walls of one’s office, can get boring. 

Having an offsite meeting in Singapore can solve this, especially if you have a good view. Offices usually tower over other offices—so a change of scenery, with nature—can be a big help.  

For a refreshing scenery, check out Eat My Kitchen as one of the offsite meeting venues in Singapore. Overlooking all of Dempsey Hill, this venue has a corporate package that is made to be an escape from your usual meeting room. 

Even better, they also offer an elegant dining experience for your team. Eat My Kitchen knows what it takes to excite those brain cells!

Address: 8D Dempsey Rd, #01-01A Eat At My Kitchen, Singapore 249672
Amenities: Bring your own stuff, Wifi, Chairs, Tables, Tea

2. Brings Out Creativity

WeWork Suntec Tower open offsite meeting venues spaces in Singapore
Image from WeWork Suntec Tower 5

On the topic of exciting brain cells, hosting in offsite meeting venues in Singapore also brings out creativity. WeWork Suntec Tower 5, with its large windows and piercing natural light, is perfect for this matter. 

Located in a central address, this is a hub for all things office related. How does this bring out creativity? Coworking spaces can also be a way to network, lounge, and discuss with new people. Still, if you’re not interested in that, WeWork prides itself in designing rooms that inspire and drive visions forward. 

Who knows? Maybe the WeWork office space will inspire your team so much that it becomes a permanent space for brainstorming! Check out WeWork Suntec Tower 5 as one of your offsite meeting venues in Singapore!

Address: 5 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038985
Amenities: Private room, Enhanced cleaning services, Touch-free dispensers, Enhanced HVAC standards, Mother's room, Tech Services, Wellness room

3. Opens New Conversations

75 High Street by ARCC Spaces offsite meeting venues in Singapore
Image from 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces

Working in offsite meeting venues in Singapore, as mentioned above, can also be a conduit for new conversations. These do not have to be with new people—but a change of scenery can inspire new ideas. In turn, these ideas are welcomed, just as your new venue welcomes you. 

Sleek and modern, 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces has a meeting room, training room, and coworking area. This offsite meeting venue has the unique homey factor to its interiors; it can be a space of comfort for your team.

If you have a big discussion coming up, consider booking with 75 High Street by Arcc Spaces. Its style can put walls down and open minds up—you can even have external catering in the venue! 

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