Unique Kids Birthday Party Venues in Singapore 2022

Has your child been making a fuss about having a ‘fairytale’ themed party or wanting to dress as their favourite fictional character for their upcoming birthday? As a parent on a mission, where do you find the right venue to host your kids birthday party in Singapore? Looking for the appropriate event entertainment Singapore options for your child’s party?

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Well, we have compiled a list of the best birthday party ideas and paired them with the most affordable venues for you! That’s right, Venuerific just made parenting easier! Scroll down for inspiration on some ideas and the most unique venues spaces in Singapore that go well with them. 

1. Safari Party @ Kaboodle

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Your kid loves animal? Then a safari birthday theme is absolutely perfect! Not only fun for them, a safari themed birthday could be educational too! You could use this opportunity to introduce more animals to your kids and their friends.

kids birthday party venue in indoor playground

Let your kids wildly play during their day by celebrating it at Kaboodle, an indoor playground with engaging and unique toys. This place is designed to allow them play while improving their creative intelligence and cognitive ability. By incorporating elements of designing, brainstorming, experimenting, and risk taking while playing, play time is not just a play time.

This multipurpose and spacious event space couldn’t be more perfect. Not only you can decorate it, but, your kids like it, and they also won’t be bored with so many activities to do. Divided into three rooms, you can have your cake set up in the multifunction room, let your kids play at the block play area, and have lunch or wait at the cafe! Check out Kaboodle now!

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2. Pirate Party @Barouv Singapore or @Under Der Linden Restaurant

Pirate kids birthday Party decoration

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Ahoy Mate! Ask any young boy in the room what they wish to be when they grow up. You’d be surprised how many would answer with ‘Pirate’! From watching Spongebob Squarepants to growing up with the Pirates of the Carribean, every kid nurtures the dream of living like a pirate one day! You can help your child realise this dream by planning a pirates-themed party! 


Create an imaginary world of pirates and fun at Barouv Singapore. This open rooftop space is the perfect location to build a kids birthday party full of games and activities. The best part? A beautiful view of the Singapore skyline, which can definitely create Instagrammable shots for the party. This social space also has many food options such as western food, fusion, and international cuisine. Check out the Barouv Singapore!


The other side of the coin is Under Der Linden Restaurant, which has beautiful outdoor and indoor garden aesthetic. Hold your pirate party in this event venue and create a magical space for your children, as the spot is inspired by a medieval German poet. As a multifunctional space—Under De Linen Restaurant is open to demanding themes such as a pirate party. See more of Under Der Linden Restaurant here!

3. Disney Princess Party @ The Secret Patio or @ One Sixty

Frozen cake and plates and decorations for kids birthday party

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A frozen cake with olaf and elsa macroons

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Does your little girl know all the ‘Frozen’ songs by heart? Can your kid belt out ‘Let it Go!’ in a heartbeat? Clearly, this popular film franchise has made a special place in the hearts of our kids and many are still reeling from a Frozen Fever! With a ‘Frozen’ kids birthday party theme, turn your kid into a prince/princess for a day!

White venue with wooden floor, ceiling to floor windows and chandelier

There is no other venue as white and pristine as The beautiful Secret Patio. With its cream-white interiors and a snowflake-like chandelier, it’s easy to imagine transforming this space into a winter wonderland. Bring the winter kingdom alive by simply releasing some white, helium balloons to the ceiling, hanging DIY snowflake garlands and covering the ceiling-to-floor windows in white drapes. Decorate the table with themed ice-blue frosting cupcakes and hot white cacao to satiate your children’s hunger. Learn more here!

Multifunctional space with stage LUMOS projector and sound system

One sixty is another unique space fitting for a kids birthday party venue in Singapore. With an elevated platform, set your Frozen booth here to serve themed sugary treats to your children. Make sure to also order in a custom Frozen cake! Upgrade this party with a real-time screening of the Frozen movies using One Sixty’s LUMOS projector and surround sound system. Gather all the children on the couch and switch off the lights for a true cinematic experience! You can also use their dry kitchen to serve special foods and drinks prepared for the event. Click here to learn more!

Best 1st Birthday Party Venue Ideas in Singapore4. Magic Party @ Kommune by 82Soho or @ Hyperspace

Harry Potter Kids Birthday party table set up

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Ron weasley and Harry Potter


Did you like magic as a kid? I am sure you did! So what’s stopping you from thinking your kids don’t? A party theme suitable for all tastes, throw a kids birthday party in some of the most enamouring space in Singapore!

A wooden coffee table with blue beanbags and green plants

Photo credit to KOMMUNE by 82Soho

KOMMUNE by 82Soho with its snug bean bags and moody lighting provides the perfect setting for your magical fantasy. Bring back your favourite past-time magical tales into your kids birthday party by having a storytime session at a corner. Read and act out your child’s favourite magical lines and leave your young attendees enchanted with your storytelling skills. For some hands-on action, you could also conduct a DIY wand-making session so that each child walks away with a magical prop from the party. Learn more here!

A room with pools table and neon pink 'hyperspace' lights

Photo credit to Hyperspace

If your children are Harry Potter fanatics, then host a fancy dress competition in a Harry Potter theme! Set up a photo booth in Hyperspace and capture the little Hermoines, little Voldermorts and little Malfoys running around. Also, use Hyperspace’s projector screen and bean bags to relax into a Harry Potter movie marathon with popcorn and coke at hand. Get your kids even more riled up by ordering pizza and make this kids birthday party a night to remember with Hyperspace. Learn more here!

5. Avengers Superhero Party @ Happen.SG

Avenger themed kids birthday party

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Your kids birthday party planning is amiss if you don’t consider the theme of superheroes. And can we really plan a superhero party without including the Avengers??

Gif of Chris Pratt saying 'dude!'


Gather your squad of avengers by sending out avenger-themed invitations to the friends of your children. Choose between a general avengers theme or an ‘Infinity War’ style party (because we can all agree that Infinity War was the best avengers film to be made). Go all out with displaying jars of candies in the colours of the infinity stones since the possibilities are endless. 

Room with wooden steps, throw pillows and projector screen

We have got a happening place lined up for you with Happen.SG! A multi-functional space with kid-friendly amenities such as Playstation 4, Board and Card games, your mini-avengers will have a guaranteed fun time! Parents can have their own fun with Happen.SG’s other amenities like Dart Boards, their Mahjong and Foosball table. Aren’t you already excited thinking about the fun you and your children will experience in this trendy event space? Make sure to take photos! Discover this kids birthday party venue here.

6. Star Wars Space Party @ Here.SG

2 cats fighting with lightsabers


Can’t stop your kids from fighting with their lightsabers? Or have they been asking you to buy them lightsabers, like in forever? Well, birthdays are the best time to give in to children’s demands as it is their special day! For all the Jedi kid fans out there, parents can throw a kids birthday party with a space theme! 

Space Kids birthday party with table set up in decorations

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To throw a space-themed party, you need to find an ‘out-of-this-world’ kids birthday party venue that will make the space theme a lot more convincing for your audience. 

Room with neon moody lights and foosball table

Photo credit to Here.SG

Wow! Check out Here.SG’s lightsaber-istique lighting which sets the most ideal backdrop for your space-themed party. Did you know that this venue comes equipped with a ball pit, shooting hoops and an elevated platform to host event show games? You could probably envision a pile of children buried deep in the ball pit, long lines for shooting hoops and kids jumping  up and down the stage. Fun amenities like this promise an exciting party! Learn more about this kids birthday party venue here! 

7. Under the Sea party @Civil Service Club Bukit Batok or @ Achates 

Finding Dory and Under the Sea Themed Kids Birthday Party

Photo credit to The Party Wall

Dory and Nemo just keep swimming gif


Who lives in the pineapple Under the Sea? For all children who are marine admirers, parents can now ‘o-fish-ally’ invite your squad for a sea-themed kids birthday party! Parents can dress up their children in their favourite seaworld characters – Nemo, Dory, Spongebob, Patrick Star – to get into the thrill for an oceanic fiesta.


It might be counterproductive to hold an “Under the Sea” party at a hilltop venue, but hear us out. Civil Service Club @ Bukit Batok has a wave pool, a drift pool, a 4-storey (8.6m) slide, lap pool, a jacuzzi and a kids wading pool. If you don’t want your kids to explore the big wide ocean just yet, you can hold a fun ocean-themed party here instead. As a bonus, this also has a bowling centre and BBQ pavillions that adults will enjoy. Check out Civil Service Club @ Bukit Batok!

Kids friendly boat Achates for kids birthday party

Photo credit to Achates

Living on an island, you can definitely afford to throw a party closer by the sea! For a more private and extravagant birthday celebration, gather your kids’ best friends to have a magical time on the Achates. This kid-friendly boat will provide an exhilarating thrill for your kids as they pretend to steer the ship during the cruise ride. Be your children’s tour-guide as you explain the different wonders of the sea while at sea! You could also decorate the interiors of the boat and throw a movie screening for your children to enjoy at the spacious lounge with the in-built TV. Learn more about this kids birthday party venue here.  

We hope you found your pick!

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Hope you got some inspiration for kids-themed birthday party ideas and have a better understanding of some of the most configurable and affordable venue spaces for a party! Highlight your children’s birthday celebrations with well-planned themes and easy-to-use spaces and amenities. At Venuerific, we help you celebrate your cherished occasions anywhere in Singapore!

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