Top Venues to Host Corporate Events in Singapore

Planning on hosting corporate events in Singapore? Whether you have a product launch, seminar, meeting or just want to host a fun team bonding event, keep reading to find out the best venues for hosting your corporate events in Singapore.

Best Venues for Corporate Seminars

If you are looking for the right venue for a corporate seminar event in Singapore, look no further. We have a variety of bright and beautiful, yet professional venues that will give your seminar the right atmosphere you’re looking for. 

1. Open Grounds

Open Grounds is the perfect seminar venue nestled in the heart of the city, at Orchard. They have a host of unique features, such as novelty booths, bright coloured furniture and steps with beanbags! You can host corporate seminars, and be assured that your attendees will enjoy the space. And if you’re looking for a strictly professional vibe, they have 5 different types of rooms for you to choose from to fit your bill. Open Grounds is the place to be.  

Box style booth with colourful bench seats for working
Rows of seating with tables and blue chair

Open Grounds

Address: 111 Somerset Rd, #02-12/13, Singapore 238164
Capacity: 1-50 
Amenities: Projector, TV Screen, Private Room, Bring Your Own Stuff

2. Maxwell Chambers

This venue is a stunning and sleek professional seminar space. With a wide variety of stylish rooms to choose from, you can host more intimate seminars, or you can bring the whole team together and get cracking. They can also help you host hybrid events, pertaining to the current situation, which means no one has an excuse to back out attending a seminar at this beautiful, filled with natural light venue!

Large room with U-style table layout optimal for presenting
U shaped table layout for corporate seminar events in Singapore

Credits to Maxwell Chambers

Address: 32 Maxwell Rd, #03-01, Singapore 069115
Capacity: 1-180
Amenities: Projector/TV, Microphones, Private Room

Top Team Bonding Event Venues

Planning a team bonding event can be so difficult. What does everyone like? Should we do something classic or something unconventional. It’s your call, and with our venues, you’ll find the perfect place!

3. Here.SG

Team bonding like never before! Here.SG will be the place you go back to over and over again, simply because of its simple, playful nature. A vibrant and unconventional venue, for a fun day out with your fellow colleagues. They have board games, foosball.. even a ball pit! Unheard of in the adult years, really. This is the perfect venue to let loose and bond with your team.

LED Lit room with foosball table, sofas,
bar stools and window framing a seating area

Credits to Here.SG

Address: 576A Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218190
Capacity: 1-80
Amenities: Projector/TV, Microphones, Games, Sound System, Bring Your Own Stuff

4. Motion Art Space

Motion Art Space is the coolest place in town! You and your team can get together and create amazing art of your own! Using the beauty of art and the science behind pendulums, you can become the next Picasso, right here, in the heart of Arab Street. What a cool and exciting way to bond with your team!

Canvas with pendulum art
Room with round tables and pendulum tubes with paint scattered

Credits to Motion Art Space

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