Influencers Favourite Restaurants in Singapore 2021

Recently, influencers have been staying on top of the trends and checking out the coolest restaurants in Singapore- and we’ve compiled a list! From small bites to dog friendly venues, check out the top restaurants influencers have been visiting in Singapore!

1. Wheeler’s Estate

Andy Wong (@andywong0502) is a food and lifestyle influencer who recently stopped for a nice coffee at Wheeler’s Estate. It’s the perfect venue for so many different occasions, whether it’s your birthday, wedding, or just like Andy, if you want a coffee. With plenty of things to do, from a live bar, to a steakhouse, alfresco and more, Wheeler’s Estate has something for everyone. 

Credits to Andy Wong

2. The Marmalade Pantry 

The Marmalade Pantry is a delightful spot and Claire (@xclaireacaciateo) dropped by for a quick bite. Whether you like desserts or you want a full course, The Marmalade Pantry has plenty of options for everyone. It’s the perfect spot for a cute brunch and hearty pastas! They also have a special wedding menu for those looking for a good menu on their special day. 

Credits to Claire Teo

3. Baba Chews 

For unique decor, a good atmosphere and now a Christmas special menu, Elizabeth (@misskueh_elizabeth), a food and lifestyle influencer, suggests Baba Chews! Enjoy a fantastic range of dishes and a beautiful interior. With tasty pre-dinner cocktails, a chic bar and alfresco modern fusion food, Baba Chews will leave you satisfied. Also, check out Baba Chews for your Christmas day specials.

Credits to Elizabeth Elisha

4. Vineyard Bistro

Our next influencer at a restaurant is a furry friend! That’s right- Memphis and Mia (@memphis_mia) are the coolest dog influencers out there. They went by Vineyard Bistro at Hortpark, which is dog friendly! You can enjoy a great French and Italian fusion meal, paired with amazing wines and take your fur babies out. Look at how much fun they’re having! 

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