An Event Organiser’s Guide for Events during Phase 2 (HA) in Singapore

Event Celebration

Good news! 😍  For the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Singapore Government has shared their path for the ‘new normal’, highlighting events for up to 1000 people based on vaccination status! This is a huge step, and gives us all an opportunity to celebrate those events we have waited on for over a year!

So, here’s your guide to hosting events during Phase 2 Heightened Alert in Singapore 🚨

Some important event keywords to remember 🔑

  • PET = Pre-Event Testing
      • Depending on the number of people attending, PET will be required to ensure that no one attending the event is COVID positive.
  • MICE = Meetings, Conferences, Business Events 
  • PCR Test = Polymerase Chain Reaction Test 
  • ART = Antigen Rapid Test 
  • Phase 2 Heightened Alert
    • As of 10th August, Singapore is in Phase 2 heightened alert. This means that groups of 5 can socialise and dine in [Subject to vaccination status]. However, this also applies to events!

1. Decide your event type

Firstly, you need to decide what kind of event you are looking to host. All events currently can have up to 500 attendees*, with a possible increase to 1000 on 19th August!

*If fully vaccinated, recovered from COVID-19 or a negative PET!

2. Choose the best event venue

Secondly, choose a venue! There are so many venues to choose from and so many event specifications, we understand the decision can be daunting. That’s what we’re here for ☺️. We have venues for anything and everything.

For wedding solemnisation, Wheeler’s Estate is a lush outdoor venue! And if you’re looking for something inside, Marina at Keppel Bay has a gorgeous interior to complement your wedding experience.

You can get down to business at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, which has capacities up to 1000 people and plenty of room for a variety of corporate events. But if you’re looking for something a little more close-knit, Another Day and LikeMeetWork fit the bill, with their smaller, yet spacious and well-facilitated spaces.  And for a night of music, RedDot Brewhouse has that fun vibe you need for a successful event.

Outdoor event gazebo lined with floral decor and surrounded by seating. Wheeler’s Estate
Photo Credits to Wheeler’s EstateGreen outdoor event area with chair set upRedDot Brew House
Photo Credits to RedDot Brew House

Indoor event room with shelves and seating areaAnother Day

Large event room with screen, full sized windows and many rows of seating

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
Photo Credits to Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

3. Pre-Event Testing

Now, you need to figure out PET. This is dependent on what kind of event, vaccination status and COVID-19 diagnosis.

PET is done using an ART test, and you can do this at any approved MOH provider. Here’s a table of references of approved ART tests in Singapore:Table displaying approved antigen rapid test kits

Source: Ministry of Health Singapore

When is Pre Event Testing required?
  • If there are more than 50 attendees, PET is required for all events.
What are the exemptions to Pre Event Testing?
  • If you are fully vaccinated under the national vaccination programme in Singapore, and it has been two or more weeks since your second dose, you are exempt from PET. Please note, this currently does not apply to those with the Sinovac Vaccine.
  • If you have recovered from COVID-19 in Singapore, you are exempt within 270 days of your:
    • First positive PCR test
      • If you tested positive overseas, you will be required to show (or take one if you have not already) a positive serology test taken in Singapore, alongside the original PCR test taken overseas.
How do I determine where to include Pre Event Testing costs?

As an event organiser, depending on the nature of the event, it is up to you to decide if you want to include the cost of PET in the ticket, or if it is the responsibility of the guest/attendee to pay for this themselves.

First, you can send out a form that will help you determine who will need a PET. Secondly, ensure that all exempt persons know that they must bring the relevant documents to show on entry otherwise venues may refuse them. And third, remind attendees that if they display any symptoms or feel unwell, they should stay at home. Then you can share this information with the venue owner, who can help put safety measures in place!

4. Prepare your event checklists

Upon arrival to the event venue, attendees should have the following: 
  • Government-issued identification
  • [Either] Negative PCR or ART (if applicable)
  • TraceTogether App
  • Vaccination status (if applicable)
  • Exemption notice (if applicable)
  • Mask
Some things to consider:
  • Sanitation stations
  • Enough room to distance
  • Temperature checks on entry
  • TraceTogether, Safe Entry measures
  • No more than 5 people on one table at a time during dining

To make sure you can account for these considerations, we have an exclusive list of approved SG Clean venues, who will ensure the utmost safety of you and your guests during the event. Check them out!

Once all of this is in place, share your event and stay safe! Remember to stay in touch with government guidance. We are so excited to see and hear all about your events 🥳🥳🥳

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