10 Best Birthday Party Venues in Singapore For All Ages

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The best birthday party venues are those that people across ages can enjoy. Inviting your friends and family without having to worry if they can do an activity or eat certain food is a hallmark of a great birthday party hall. 

This list highlights the 10 best birthday party venues in Singapore for anyone of any age—this means cafes, lounges, activity centers, and even iconic Singaporean restaurants. 

With one skim through a 10-venue list, hopefully you find the suitable birthday party venues in Singapore for you.

1. 7th Heaven Cafe

Billiard in a room with chairs and tables, a girl blowing her birthday cake
Image from 7th Heaven Cafe

Starting off the list is 7th Heaven Cafe, which is a multi-functional cafe birthday venue in Tampines. It has three main rooms: the Main Hall (up to 100 people), the VIP Room (up to 30 people), and the Mini Celebration Room (up to 16 people).

Birthday guests will also enjoy the laid back ambiance at birthday party venues in Singapore such as 7th Heaven. Its cozy decor, when paired with their in-house food and free KTV is a fun time for families and friends of all ages. You can even upgrade to their buffet and decoration packages!

Read more about the 7th Heaven Cafe!

Address: Tampines, ​​Singapore 528882
Capacity: 1- 100 
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Projector, Pool Table, Sound System, Karaoke Machine, Event Staff 
Food and Beverage Option: Beer, Buffet, Burgers, Cocktail, Coffee, Dessert, Finger-food, Full Course, Pizza, Vegetarian Friendly, Western, Wine

2. Magic Carpet Lounge

A bar area designed with flowers, a group of 3 girls having fun at the bar
Image from Mlenny

At first glance, it may seem like the Magic Carpet Lounge is only for adults. However, you can customize this event space as much as you’d like, making it adaptable to younger celebrants looking for 21st birthday party venues. 

On one hand, its mythical and fairytale-like interior design makes it a perfect place to celebrate “Enchanted” birthday party themes. On another, its cocktails, DJ Console, and plethora of food options make it a sure good time for anyone of drinking age. 

Explore the mystical aura of the Magic Carpet Lounge and see how you can make it yours!

Address: #01-201 Diners Club Building, 7500E Beach Rd, Singapore 199595
Capacity: 1- 50  
Amenities: Full Bar, TV Screen, DJ Console, Customizable LED Wall
Food and Beverage Option: Beer, Buffet, Canapes, Cocktail, Coffee, Dessert, Finger-food, Indian, Mediterranean, Fusion, Tapas, Vegetarian-friendly, Pizza, Fusion

3. Alternate Space by TheParallelSpace

A sofa with a karaoke playing in front of it, a girl with a microphone and a party hat
Image from PRImageFactory

There are different ways to keep a birthday party alive, and Alternate Space has plenty of them. This shophouse can accommodate up to 120 of your guests if you want to maximize the space, and there is a lot of it to go around!

Even if you’re planning to celebrate with a small group, it doesn’t get any less exciting at Alternate Space. With amenities like a karaoke machine, game consoles, a pool table, board games, photoshoot-worthy areas, and options for buffet, full course, or cocktail servings, your birthday is bound to be a sure hit.

Take photos and make memories over at birthday party venues like Alternate Space!

Address: 535 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218165
Capacity: 1- 100 
Amenities: Karaoke, Pool Table, PS4, Nintendo Wii, Projector, Foosball table, Counter table with bar stool, Arcade Machine
Food and Beverage Option: Buffet, Full Course, Cocktail

4. Here.SG

A ball pit, tables and chairs, "Carpe Diem" on the wall. A child in a colorful ball pit.
Image from ​​baona

If you’re the type to grab any opportunity to snap photos, this birthday party venue is right up your alley. Here.SG is an Instagrammable hub full of unique design features and fun interiors that will definitely make your birthday photos stand out from the rest. 

The best part is that all the “fun” is functional, too! Here.SG is decked out with a mini ball pit, basketball arcade game, table games, a pool table– and that’s just to name a few.

Make your upcoming birthday celebration the coolest one yet at Here.SG!

Address: 576A Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218190
Capacity: 1-80
Amenities: Projector, Karaoke, Basketball Arcade machine, board games, a poker set and more.
Food and Beverage Option: External Catering Allowed

5. Jan Larsen Art at Robertson House

A brown table facing a spacious room with art on the walls. A man shaking another person's hand.
Image from Jan Larsen Art at Robertson House

Have you ever wanted to hold your birthday party at an art hub? This venue might be your best bet. At the Jan Larsen Art at Robertson House, you and your guests can celebrate while being surrounded by interesting and captivating art pieces.

With the international food options, you can have a feast for the eyes while having an actual feast for your stomach! Complete with a pool and IG-worthy corners, this is the perfect spot to hold your fun and elegant birthday celebration in Singapore.

Check out what else you can see at the Jan Larsen Art at Robertson House!

Address: 61 Kim Yam Rd, Singapore 239362
Capacity: 1- 50
Amenities: Air conditioning, Swimming pool, Sound System, WiFi
Food and Beverage Option: International

6. Yacht Kingdom

A yacht deck. Five people jumping off a boat.
Image from DisobeyArt

Birthday party venues on a yacht won’t lose its appeal, especially if they come with ocean activities like paddle boarding, island hopping, and fishing. 

Yacht Kingdom is a party space that offers all of these and more. This birthday party venue is great for elegant birthday celebrations, ocean-themed parties, and family birthday get-togethers. 

See how you can book Yacht Kingdom and take in its 360 panoramic view of Singapore here!

Address: 11 Cove Drive, #01-01, Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098497
Capacity: 1- 5 
Amenities: Air conditioning, Floating Mat, Island Hopping, Diving, Fishing Rod, Stand up Paddleboard, Lazarus Island
Food and Beverage Option: BBQ, Canapes, Finger-food, Indian, Vegetarian Friendly, Wine, Mediterranean, Beer, External Catering

7. Red House Seafood

A white table surrounded by green and brown chairs. People sat around a brown wooden table.
Image from Red House Seafood Official Instagram

With birthday party venues, you can never beat the classics. This goes for the Red House Seafood restaurant, which is one of Singapore’s oldest and most treasured food spots. 

An institution for fresh and authentic Singaporean food, the Red House Seafood restaurant has been a birthday party hall, a wedding space, and a business meeting venue for many Singaporeans. From a 50th birthday party to a 15th, the Red House Seafood is always a good idea, because who doesn’t like good food? 

Discover more about the Red House Seafood restaurant here!

Address: 392 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169663
Capacity: 1- 70  
Amenities: Air conditioning, Sound system, Event Staff, WiFi, Private Room, Projector
Food and Beverage Option: Chinese, Local, Vegetarian Friendly, Dim Sum, Seafood

8. Civil Service Club Tessensohn

An empty bowling alley area. A girl about to throw her bowling ball, and people watching behind her.
Image from DragonImages

For people who want to do more than just eat at their birthday party venues, the Civil Service Club Tessensohn may be the one for you. 

This town club is a sports, social, and recreation hub, which means that it is filled with activities for birthday guests. such as: swimming, dancing, movie-watching, tennis playing, bowling, cooking, and more. Kids and kids at heart would love to spend a birthday here, and it’s no surprise why!

See how you can book a room or an activity space at the Civil Service Club Tessensohn!

Address: 60 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217664
Capacity: 1- 2000  
Amenities: Air conditioning, Swimming Pool, Sound System, Event Staff, LED Screen, Tennis Court, Bowling Alley
Food and Beverage Option: External Catering Allowed

9. Yeast Side

A spacious area with light brown wooden chairs and tables. An old man with a young girl eating pizza.
Image from champpixs

Who doesn’t like a pizza party? 

The Yeast Side is an example of simple and intimate birthday party venues that anyone can enjoy. With their hand-stretched pizza and bright interiors overlooking lush greenery, this birthday party venue captures the casual nature of 21st century birthday parties. 

Explore the Yeast Side, their pizzas, and craft drinks here!

Address: 9 King Albert Park, #01-09, Singapore 598332
Capacity: 1- 60 
Amenities: Air conditioning, Projector, Event Staff, Bring your own stuff
Food and Beverage Option: Pizza

10. Butter Studio

Brown tables, both round and rectangular, with chairs around them. A 21st birthday party spread of desserts.
Image from Butter Studio

Capping off this list of birthday party venues is Butter Studio, a cozy artisan bakery located in the middle of the urban city life. 

With a rustic ambiance and homey, minimalist interiors, the Butter Studio can turn into a great birthday party hall—hang as many decorations as you’d like, in whatever theme you think is possible. Think: pajama party, or movie watching party, or a cake spread party. 

In addition, the Butter Studio also offers other desserts that will sure make any sweet tooth’s birthday a filling one. Explore the Butter Studio now!

Address: 147 Jln Besar, Singapore 208865
Capacity: 1- 40 
Amenities: Air conditioning, Projector/TV, WiFi
Food and Beverage Option: Dessert

Which of these birthday party venues will you use for your next big day? Whatever you choose, know that all of these are happy to be the special spot for your birthday—no matter your age! 

However, it’s understandable if you’re looking for a more age-specific place to hold a birthday party. We have lists for these too, such as the 10 Best 1st Birthday Party Venue Ideas in Singapore article.

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