9 Places You Did Not Know Could Host Meetings in Singapore

We found a way to shake up your team and rejuvenate the thinking brains. The best, simplest, effective way is to get out of office. That’s right! Because we have put together 9 Places You Did Not Know Could Host Meetings in Singapore. Scroll through to turn your meetings from DAB to FAB.


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Museums/Art galleries:

1) The Arts House

Did you know? Former parliament meetings were held in the chamber room in here. Your boss or the head of your department can take the seat which has Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s name engraved on it while you can occupy these rustic cushion chairs rather comfortably. WARNING!  Please do focus on the meeting because the classic interior of this room could easily sweep your attention.
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Address: 1 Old Parliament Ln, Singapore 179429
Capacity: 230 pax
Unique level: ????

Host-meeting-venuerific-blog-the-chamber Host-meeting-venuerific-blog-the-art-house-play-den

2) LivingwithArt

How about a meeting surrounded by colorful paintings, wall murals, sculptures and everything artsy that has been created to brighten homes. This spacious and cheerful ambience will uplift the energy and refresh creativity in your company meetings. Such an unique opportunity is not usually offered by galleries, so grab it.
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Address: 315 Outram Rd #02-05, Singapore 169074
Capacity: 100 pax
Uniqueness: ???

Host-meeting-venuerific-blog-living-with-art Host-meeting-venuerific-blog-living-with-art-conference

3) The Hive Carpenter

The Hive Carpenter is set over the entire building in a trendy precinct within the CBD. An entire 6 storeys of light-filled spaces with a unique atrium, entrance lobby and a casual cafe. Be it a seminar, an awards-giving ceremony or hands-on workshop you are looking to host, you will not fail to find a right space with the capacity & amenities here. This extravagant beauty is vacant:)
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Address: 36 Carpenter St, Singapore 059915
Capacity: 50-120 pax
Uniqueness: ???

Co-working spaces/ Conference venues

1) The Masons Table

How about working amidst entrepreneurs/experts and drawing inspiration from their working style? That’s what you get at this gorgeous event space. Stylish restaurant with a view of the city, you can imagine how classy your meetings would be. Situated at a walking distance from City Hall MRT station, you can forget the hassle of running late.
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Address: H23A Coleman St, Singapore 179806
Capacity: 50-250 pax
Uniqueness: ???

2) WareHouse 16

“This refurbished conservation building is up for meetings?” Sweet surprise, Yes! If you are looking to host a meeting for your international clients or an investor you want to impress, look no further than WareHouse 16. With state of the art and ultra modern facilities your team’s efficiency will be over the roof.
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Address: 16D Lor Ampas, Singapore 328778
Capacity: 50 - 150 pax
Uniqueness: ????

3) The Company – Coworking + Offices

Do you have a young & modern team? Then this industrial hip co-working space is where you need to take them because it’s ravishingly new and ready to be explored. The interior has been creatively designed to inspire a fun yet productive working environment. Set in the heart of the city, accessibility is such a convenience.
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Address: ODEON TOWERS #02-01 331 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, Singapore 188720
Capacity: 5-80 pax
Uniqueness: ???

Host-meeting-venuerific-blog-district-6 Host-meeting-venuerific-blog-district-6


1) Grand Park Orchard

We have never come across anything like this place. No teammate is going to leave without optimum productivity. This place feels like your childhood dreams come true in their creative themed rooms such as sandbox, nest, igloo, cloud and many more for meeting room rentals. They even have a runway room where the chairs glow. “You kidding me?” No!
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Address : 3D River Valley Road, #03-01, Singapore 179023
Capacity: 25 - 150 pax
Uniqueness: ?????

2) Hard Rock Cafe Singapore

Are you guys a bunch of music fanatics? This world renowned international musical paradise is just the right one. They simply take care of all your needs while you work it. You’ve got to have your meetings here just for the delicious food actually. The Chili Crab Dip is a killer! Take a break and check out all those expen$ive memorabilia.

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Address: 50 Cuscaden Road #02-01 HPL House, Singapore 249724
Capacity: 45 pax


“This place keeps me young” Have a glimpse of Mark’s 27 years of experience with Hard Rock Cafe

3) UltraSuperNewGallery

How about somewhere away from the city’s bustle? You’ve got to take your teammates to UltraSuperNewGallery where art is presented in the most unique way possible. From plates with face portraits to a mini-art jam area, this place looks like a high-end hipster hangout. Stylish private rooms with AV facilities are available for meeting room rentals.
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Address: 107 Rowell Rd, Singapore 208031
Capacity: 30 - 60 pax
Uniqueness: ????


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