Most Likely Places to Catch Pokémons in Singapore (Pokémon Go)

 Pokémon Go has launched finally in Singapore and the wait for it to hit our shores is definitely over!

If you have been on another planet – Pokémon Go is an augmented-reality game that uses your phone’s GPS for your real-world location to let you catch Pokémon in real life.

Venuerific is here to help you prepare for this game like no other. After the Venuerific tem has played Pokemon Go for the last 3 days (very intensively), we bring you a starting guide to finding 151 Pokémons in Singapore. Reports have stated that Pokémon Go draws its map data from Ingress and are able to determine the popularity of the location. Ingress is a game of geolocation created by Niantic Labs, the current developer of Pokémon Go. Niantic was previously part of Google, hence the lineage to Google Maps.

Have fun and may luck be with you on your wild hunt for 151 Pokémons around Singapore! After all, we “gotta be the very best to catch ’em all” 🙂

Most Likely Places to Catch Pokémons in Singapore (Pokémon Go)
  1. East Coast Park 


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East Coast Park is full of Pokestops and rare Pokemons that you will end up staying here and around for at least more than an hour! Not only is it right by the water but it’s also by so many trees so be prepared to catch as many as you can!

 Pokémons at East Coast Park:

  1. Marina Barrage


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Rent a bike out from East Coast Park and take it all the way to Marina Barrage. Be careful when you have a phone in one hand and bike around though! Not only do you get exercise, the view, the break, but also Pokemons!

Pokémons at Marina Barrage:

  1. Orchard Street


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You may have already seen so many people out on the streets catching Pokemons. Because so many are already in Orchard, it may be best to use the “lure” to get as many Pokemons as possible for the time that you are in Orchard.

Pokémons at Orchard Street:

  1. National Stadium & Stadium Mall


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Kallang mall has everything in one and the Venuerific team was able to find a rare Goldluck in its very own Cotton On store!

Pokemons at National Stadium:

Goldluck (check inside Cotton On store)

If all else fails, we know we can find Pikachu at the Pokémon Café! Featuring an original menu conceptualised and inspired by Pokémon characters and stories including Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce and Pikachu’s Thunder Shock” Parfait and a photo booth is installed at the cafe near the entrance, the pop-up café that opened for two months in Bugis Junction is where we’ll be!


(Photo credit: Danielfooddiary)

Pokémon Café Singapore

200 Victoria Street #04-05 Bugis Junction

Singapore 188021

Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm

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