New Year’s Eve Party Ideas: Fun and Cheap Activities to Do with Your Friends

people celebrating new year at home

Attending bars and restaurants for the new year countdown may be fun. But for those of you who can’t, you don’t need to feel like you’re missing out. You can host your own (safe) new year’s eve party at home and make it entertaining as well! Here we have a list of simple yet fun things you can do for your new year celebration in Singapore, suitable for parties with family and with friends!

1. Netflix & Chill

netflix marathon for new year party

Nothing beats a movie (or series) marathon at night with your loved ones. After the big new year’s eve feast, you and your friends could have a drink, relax, and put on a movie or a series to watch. Moreover, It is best to catch up on the best movies and series in 2021 before moving on to 2022. Here are some of our recommendations on the best movies and series in 2021 you can find on Netflix, in case you haven’t them them out:

  • Squid Game
  • Hellbound
  • Maid
  • Shadow & Bone
  • The Chair
  • Lupin
  • Money Heist (Part 5)
  • My Name
  • Girl From Nowhere (Season 2)
  • The Witcher (season 2)

2. Presentation Night

Presentation night is when you freely choose a certain funny topic, make a powerpoint presentation, and present it to your friends. This is a trend that started on TikTok and people usually choose topics such as “Rating my Friend’s Ex”, “My Friends and Their Scandals if They’re Famous”, “Fictional Characters that Reminded Me of My Friends”, “Things I Hate but Everyone Love”, and more. What could be better than ending the year by getting a good laugh and creating fun memories with your friends?

3. Friend Group Awarding Night

friend group award for new year's eve party at home

Ever wonder what your title is among your friends and family? Make a questionnaire for your friend group or family and tell them to vote for each other on each award. The award can be something like “mom of the group”, “the loudest”, “never on time”, “the most fashionable”, and more. You can try to prepare a small gift or a funny certificate for each award winner! This is a way for you and your loved ones to take a moment to look back on the memories you’ve created throughout 2021.

4. Scavenger Hunt at Home

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For competitive people out there, scavenger hunt at home is going to be a fun activity to do on a new year’s eve party. This is also perfect for children! Make a list of things to find, it could be an item, a symbol, or a color and give the list to each of the people attending the party. Set a timer for 5 minutes and the one who can find the most items will win a prize.

5. More Games!

group of friend celebrating new year's eve party at home

If playing games sounds like your type of new year’s eve party but you want to sit around and chill, here are games that you can play without much effort:

Guess the Resolution

Ask everyone to write their 2022 new year resolution on a piece of paper and put it all in one container. Take out one, read it out loud, and try to guess who wrote that resolution.

2 resolutions 1 lie

First, each person will tell everyone 3 resolutions, but 1 of them is a made up resolution. Next, ask everyone to guess which one is a lie. Simple, right?

Undercover / Mr. White game

Start by downloading the game app (Android/iOS). Between 3-20 players, each person will be given one secret word, the civilians have to guess who’s the Undercover (the one with the fake secret word) and who’s the Mr. White (the one who didn’t receive any word). Undercover and Mr. White have to conceal their identity by pretending to know the secret word and try not to get eliminated.

Act it out/Heads up

You can either download an app (Android/iOS) or write each word on a piece of paper and put them in one container. Then, each person has to act out the word until one person can guess it.


Don’t forget to download the app before playing (Android/iOS). This is a game to play if you want to show everyone who is the biggest bluffer in the group. Each player will have to make a fake scenario for a real trivia question. The game has a variety of categories such as Movie Bluff, Word Up, Is That a Fact, and many more!


Divide into 2-3 teams, get a piece of paper or a small whiteboard, use a word generator, and have one person draw each word that comes up. The team that can guess the most in a span of 2 minutes wins!

No matter how you celebrate it, your new year’s eve party in Singapore can be fun as long as you’re spending it with your loved ones. End 2021 with surrounding yourself with people who have been by your side throughout the year and welcome the new year with them as well. We hope that this list will help you to create an unforgettable memory to cherish. See you in 2022!

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