Growing A Digital One-Stop Solution: Venuerific Vendor Marketplace

Venuerific Vendor Marketplace

With the premier Venuerific Vendor Marketplace, you can now #CelebrateAnywhere with Anyone. As purveyors of digital solutions, this is Venuerific’s new step in becoming a one-stop solution for event organizers. 

Learn about the Venuerific Vendor Marketplace today. Basically, find make-up artists, wedding cake providers, video production houses, and so much more for your next event.

Venuerific’s Vendor Marketplace 

How It Came About

Finding a venue is one thing, but building an event is a different ball game. Venuerific—with almost a decade of experience—knows this very well. The pressures that push people into “Bridezilla” mode aren’t just for weddings. 

How will I find the right clown for my kids birthday party in Singapore? What make-up artist options do I have for my wedding? Where can I find transcribers for my live events? 

Bartenders, bouncy castles, boutonnieres and corsages— there are many vendors needed for events. Thus, as proud vendors of solutions themselves, the Venuerific Team devised a Vendor Marketplace

This new arm will make it easier for you to build an event from the bottom up. Why? They will provide catering, decoration, entertainment options, and more. It is built to help people prepare for the next stages of their events. Furthermore, this transforms Venuerific into the ultimate one-stop solution for event planners in South East Asia.

Tying-In with Venuerific

The Vendor Marketplace was devised by the Venuerific team as a new company service. Here, vendors and customers can touch base. No need to scour the internet anymore, surfing in and out of listicles, Instagram, or worse—Ads.

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