Film Shoot Places in Singapore for the Perfect Shoot!

film crew filming

From lighting to equipment and the location, sometimes with so many things to consider, getting the perfect shot can be tricky. Thus today, we’ve gathered the best film shoot places in Singapore where you’ll be able to capture the perfect moments yet! From studios to non-studio locations, check out these places below for your next film shoot in Singapore.


Spring Forest Studio 

waiting area in studio
green screen studio

Planning to have a film with a 3D effect in it? Spring Forest Studio can do that for you! Equipped with professional equipment and a big Green Screen Studio, Spring Forest Studio is the perfect place for your film shoot. Not only that, but it also has a comfortable waiting room for your team during the shoot. Rent Spring Forest Studio for your next shoot! 

Address: 2 Gambas Cres, NordCom2, #09-32/33, (Lobby 2, Singapore 757044
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Private Room, TV Screen, Sound System, Event Staff, Tech Support
Perfect for: 3D effects films 

Studio Recreate 

open kitchen and living room area
industrial design kitchen studio

Image Credit to Studio Recreate

Studio Recreate as the name suggests is the ideal location for you to recreate the theme you have in mind for your upcoming shoot! A spacious studio that has a kitchen, dining, and lounge area with plenty of natural sunlight streaming through making it an ideal space for shoots. Studio Recreate also has the controllable Philips Hue RGB Home Lighting System where you can use for your shoot. Discover more about Studio Recreate

Address: 110 Lor 23 Geylang, Singapore 388410
Amenities: Air Conditioning, Wifi, TV Screen, Tech Support
Perfect for: Minimalistic, Home-themed films

LightonBoard Creative Studio

dressing table by the window
photography and video shoot
professional equipment in studio

Image Credit to LightonBoard Creative Studio

If you’re thinking of doing a minimalistic film shoot, then LightonBoard Creative Studio is the place for you! Its studio allows for lots of natural light and has the necessary professional equipment for you to shoot your best film shoot. LightonBoard Creative Studio offers two types of packages for weekdays and weekends! Find out more details about LightonBoard Creative Studio for your next film shoot.  

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