Celebrate Deepavali in Singapore 2021

girls celebrating deepavali

It’s the Festival of Lights and an opportunity to welcome in health, wealth and lots of auspicious blessings to you and your home. But how can you Celebrate Deepavali in Singapore this year? Keep reading to see how you can be part of the festivities!

1. Clean your Surroundings!

An integral part of deepavali is to clean your home environment to welcome health and wealth in the new year. Use this opportunity to finally organise your home office or spruce up your room. Very similar to the concept of a spring clean, re-organise your belongings and get rid of clutter and items you no longer need. You should always try to donate and recycle whatever you can.

woman dusting item

2. Give Back!

After cleaning your surroundings, take the time to see what you can sustainably donate to your community and those in need. Spend some time creating donation packs and usher in the festivities of Deepavali by giving back to your community. Volunteer or donate at food banks, community centres and charities. You can look at Food from The Heart, The Salvation Army and Families for Life to get involved!

people filling up food donation boxes
2 people smiling, wearing volunteer shirts and holding plants

3. Rangoli Art

Rangoli is a form of art created using coloured powders or loose flowers, often with intricate and beautiful designs of gods, flowers and geometric shapes. Create some beautiful art at your doorstep. You can do this sustainably with old flowers, or food powders in your kitchen!

rangoli art for deepavali
deepavali rangoli art

4. Sparklers

Every year on Deepavali, you may see and hear the crackers of celebration. Why not take part this year? Light one or two fire sticks at your window or balcony! Be sure to do it safely and responsibly.

sparklers for deepavali

5. Bring Light to Your Home

Follow the tradition of lighting up your home! Homes are often lit up with oil lamps and candles. This comes from the belief that the house lit the brightest will be blessed with the most health and wealth. To be safe from fires, instead opt for battery operated candles, string lights and leds. 

oil lamps
light decoration for deepavali

6. Visit Little India and attend Hybrid Events

Take some time to learn more about Deepavali, its significance and what it means to celebrate Deepavali! Venture out to Little India to see the gorgeous light installations for Deepavali and attend a range of hybrid, online events with your CC and Visit Singapore. Check out the Online Session on “How We Celebrate Deepavali” and see how different people celebrate the occasion!

light set up for deepavali in singapore

7. Have a big meal

Sit down with your loved ones and enjoy a warm Indian meal in your bright and clean home. A big part of deepavali is eating good food and sweets, and exchanging gifts. Or, if you want to do something a little different, head out to Gabbar, a Bollywood Bistro serving delicious dishes, from tandoori to creamy curries!

indian food
indian food for deepavali

This Deepavali may be a little different, but we hope that you and your loved ones can make it special nonetheless!

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