10 Instagram Worthy Places Need To Go In Singapore 2017

From bars to yachts, Venuerific brings you  10 Instagram Worthy Places Need To Go In Singapore 2017. Who would not love a hip and sassy Instagram Feed! Apart from capturing the moments with your own lens, snapping one via the camera’s lens could come in therapeutic. A good eye for an angle, some saturated lighting, a perfect filter (check out our suggestions), quirky caption and TADAA ready to bag the likes with these 10 Instagram Worthy Places in Singapore!

1. Employees Only

CAPTION: “A Legitimate place for illegitimate people”

Photo Credit: @mightyschneidey
Photo Credit: @canadiankelsey

This quirky bar has travelled all the way from New York to give the little red dot a punch of its craft. Behind an eccentric red neon light glowing the word “Psychic” in the Amoy Street, you will find this bar. Just as you swing inside pause yourself to get your future checked or mind read by professional psychic or mentalist. The interior of the bar screams the mysterious 1920’s prohibition era making it truly an Instagram-Worthy place in Singapore.  A myriad of alcohol collection is aligned against the mirrored showcase that glistens in the dim-lighting. Brace yourself for their signature cocktails like “Ready Fire Aim” that could stir a fire in your throat. Gush it out with their finger-licking bar bites like the “Bone marrow poppers”.  Meantime, do ask a friend to take a boomerang in Instagram!

FILTER:  “Valencia” 

2.Boufe Boutique

CAPTION: “Fashion meets Food”

Photo Credit: @tyingru
Photo Credit: @cherraexoxo

Boutique co-existing with a café has shaped this charming space called Boufe. This minimal approach gives great aesthetic pleasure. White-washed walls,simple furniture and lighting resonates the elegance in simplicity. Moreover, surrounded by plush flora with picturesque spots within the compound, it is for sure an Instagram Worthy place in Singapore. The spacious Alfresco area could host intimate celebrations of a matrimony, baby shower or birthday. Food that makes the table is meticulously prepared such as the Signature Brioche French Toast and Milky Way Cake which you would only devour after a gazillion snap of pictures. All in all, this place is a sleek fashion-food galore that is going to make your Instagram feed instantly classy.

Filter: “Skyline”

3. Montana Brew Bar

CAPTION:  “ Wine flies when you are having fun”

Photo Credit: @4.98
Photo Credit: @p_e_i_y_i

From Cold-brews to waffles, the presentation of any item on the menu is a saliva-inducer and they taste just as good. An urban-edged interior with warm lighting and assortment of furniture, wall hangings and fixtures around the café adds to the rustic atmosphere. Furthermore, the nitty-gritty details from the hanging creeper plants and terrariums leaves you with DIY Inspirations for your own room. Worth the spend and time as it is definitely an Instagram Worthy place in Singapore. “Anarchy” an intimate space within the café is kept exclusive which would be perfect for workshops, meetings and get-together. A sense of comfort fills you as you lean on the cemented bar counter and sip customized personality wines. Definitely, a good time needs to be told in Instagram.

FILTER: “Lark”

4.Cherry Discotheque

CAPTION: “Trust me you can dance said Vodka”

Photo Credit: @hellojozy_
Photo Credit: @rarecray

The founders of this club are truly tasteful lads whom we have to appreciate for their sense of style and wacky interior design of this club.  Bask in the heavily lit neon lights as you move to the beats of hip DJ’s on the black and white checked dance floor under the disco ball. A hideout right below the York hotel, this discotheque grooves with eccentricity. Undoubtedly, one of a kind experience guaranteed as it takes you back to the good ol’ retro days. Old School Arcade Games such as Pacman and Street Fighter are a must hit while you are there. Moreover, they also change up their hip quotes at the entrance of the club. Its no surprise it took a place in the Top 10 Instagram worthy places in Singapore.

Filter: “ Hudson”

5. Ola Beach Club

CAPTION: “Hola at Ola”

Photo Credit: @serb_andreea
Photo Credit: @aboutyotitch

“Ola” means life in Hawaiian and this beach club serves justice to its name. It is set on Siloso Beach with stretches of sand, volumes of sea water and ample of sunshine. An effortless recreation of Hawaii in this concrete jungle has placed it on our list of top 10 Instagram Worthy places in Singapore.  The capacious beach front and hall at Ola Beach Club are breath-taking spaces where you could plan your most intimate celebrations. In addition, an impressive collection of water sports from the crowd favorite Banana boating to high-tech jet packs that rocket 40 metres above sea-levels are a must try. An Hawaiian inspired menu with tantalizing dishes like Kalua Pig Taco and poke bowls with cheek-puckering signature collection of cocktails will stun your Instagram followers.  Not to mention, it is kids-friendly and paw-friendly beach club that makes everyone happy.

Filter: “Ashby”

 6.Casa Gessi

CAPTION: “Stay Classy, Sassy and a bit bad assy”

Photo Credit: @gessi_singapore
Photo Credit: @gessi_singapore

Within this distinctive Victorian architectural Palazzo along the Penang Road lies this grandiose Bathroom showroom that celebrates a sophisticated fancy lifestyle. The luxury company has stunningly refurbished the ancient building by making every nook and corner their advantage. A 2 storey waterfall smack in the middle of the room surrounded by shimmering bathroom furnishing, fixtures and faucets designed in Italy is a glorious sight to bear. It is love at first sight and we did not think twice to place it in the list of top 10 Instagram worthy places in Singapore. Spice up your corporate events and birthday parties and create an unforgettable night. Be spoiled for the perfect Instagram picture!

Filter: “Sierra”

7.DW Workshop

CAPTION: “Yes I am an artist, I don’t just draw.”

Photo Credit: @jackmagnifico
Photo Credit: @jumpingpopcorn

Want to know how a Designer’s house would look like? This black and white colonial building is where you need to head. The first floor has a flamboyant layout of furnishing yet keeping the rusticity of a space to chill. From intimate dining to BBQ, a collection of spaces are available such as the artificial fire place, communal dining, patio hangout and etc for events. With an open kitchen concept, the spread for the day is displayed on the kitchen counter in an enticing manner. Furthermore, the second floor has been transformed into a space that allows you to unleash your creativity with cosy spaces to work and learn. From time to time, innovative workshops are curated such as Porcelain painting, Arm Knitting that gives a dash of sunshine in the mundane lifestyle as well as your Instagram feed.

Filter: “ Ginza”


CAPTION: “Life with you is always a PICNIC”

Photo Credit: @dirganovam
Photo Credit: @redfrog8

This could just be the setting of high tech Alice in Wonderland. Walls with climbers and creeper plants with Next-generation Philips lighting system that changes the ambience of the room suiting to the time of the day. PICNIC has a capacious 10 000sq metres of space with unique elements and set ups for different types of events; Flower garden with colorful blooms, a grass carpeted park with stage for performances and an industrial edged bar. In addition there are 13 food trucks grilling and stirring a plethora of cuisine from Western to Asian. From Breakfast to Dinner you can indulge in the variety here and stroll around clicking pictures for your Instagram without a drop of sweat. FIND OUT MORE ON HOW TO BOOK THIS PLACE.

Filter: “Rise”

9.In Good Company Café

CAPTION: “ Be a Beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins”

Photo Credit: @eleventhhour
Photo Credit: @lin_fenru

The collaboration of 4 friends led to the arrival of this hip and chic fashion label, In Good Company. Comfort and simplicity is stitched within their wardrobe essentials. They truly provide a complete shopping experience by collaborating with “Plain Vanilla Bakery” that takes for itself a space within the retail shop. The yummy bakes and delicious brews are rejuvenating from the chase for a good fit top. A striking orange colored wall with potted green plants with a background of elegant apparel neatly lined puts it in our top 10 Instagram Worthy place. The cupcakes with generous piping, savoury tarts, brownies and a cuppa coffee against the well-lit setting of this place could be the perfect foodie picture as well. Therefore, grab your girlfriends for retail therapy to a place that has got the sweet tooth covered too.

Filter: “ Dogpatch”

10.Sy-Twizzle Yacht

CAPTION: “Bigger than Life”

Photo Credit: @royalhuisman
Photo Credit: @royalhuisman

Epitome of luxury and leisure could be summed up by this 57.5 m custom made yacht. This extravagant beauty was designed by Dutch yard Royal Huisman in 2010. It graced the waters of Sentosa Cove recently for the Singapore Yacht Show. Powerful to give you a one of a kind sailing experience and at the same time a peaceful escapade. Stunning interior with European oak and Perlino marble accentuates its aesthetic brilliance.  3 luxurious cabins with one master suite illuminates with the flush of ample sunlight and an impressive tech savvy system to control lighting, air-conditioning, television all via a tap on the iPads. We don’t think there could be a possible alternative to this Instagram Worthy place. Imagine the impressive collection of photographs this yacht could give for your Instagram feed! It is available for charter and its worth all the spend if you got the cash.

Filter: Just use Anything & Everything


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